A Clever Layout Makes This Two-Bedroom Tiny Home Extra Flexible and Cozy

This Aussie tiny home reveals a spacious dual-loft layout with a twist 13 photos
Photo: Tiny Build
Getaway Series 7200L Tiny HouseGetaway Series 7200L Tiny HouseGetaway Series 7200L Tiny HouseGetaway Series 7200L Tiny HouseGetaway Series 7200L Tiny HouseGetaway Series 7200L Tiny HouseGetaway Series 7200L Tiny HouseGetaway Series 7200L Tiny HouseGetaway Series 7200L Tiny HouseGetaway Series 7200L Tiny HouseGetaway Series 7200L Tiny HouseGetaway Series 7200L Tiny House
This adorable dual-loft home on wheels built in Australia proves that you can enjoy the freshness and versatility of a contemporary layout without sacrificing the timeless charm and coziness of a more traditional design.
Just three to four hours away from Sydney or Canberra, you'll find a lovely city simply named Orange. Nestled in the Central West of New South Wales, this charming city is where Tiny Build brings to life its modern, eco-friendly homes on wheels. All of the homes are built on-site by local craftsmen.

Customers have a wide range of options when it comes to the construction phase and final pricing, starting with basic lockup versions all the way up to a comprehensive list of upgrades. In other words, Tiny Build makes it as easy as possible for folks to have their dream tiny home, regardless of their lifestyle and budget.

Getaway Series 7200L Tiny House
Photo: Tiny Build
The dual-loft model we're looking at today is one of the largest available at this Aussie company. It boasts a length of 7.2 meters (23.6 feet), enough for a family-friendly configuration with two bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, and a separate bathroom. On top of that, the Getaway Series reveals two features that are not commonly found in compact homes on wheels, which make this already modern layout significantly more flexible.

Style-wise, carefully chosen details remind us of traditional wooden cabins. In the world of Aussie tiny homes, famous for their indoor/outdoor layouts and massive glazing, this is both unexpected and refreshing.

Unlike the more compact Tiny Build models ranging from 3.6 to six meters (11.8 to 19.6 feet), the Getaway Series is ideally suited for long-term living. This translates to generous accommodation, ample storage, and a full range of amenities, particularly in the kitchen. The dual-loft configuration is a classic one, with queen-sized beds and large windows in each room. The fully carpeted floors add a bit more comfort. As for access, the staircase/ladder combo makes things easy enough while saving some precious floor space for the downstairs area.

Getaway Series 7200L Tiny House
Photo: Tiny Build
The staircase comes with built-in storage that looks slightly more elegant compared to what we typically see in homes this size. Some of the built-in compartments feature elegant doors, and they gradually grow in size, including a dedicated fridge tower. The built-in ladder is a step up from a basic ladder; even if it can't be stored away, it takes up virtually no space while also being safer.

The barely-there metallic safety bars in each loft bedroom are part of the home's fresh, contemporary style. They're not as bulky as the regular protection walls, and it's important to keep the space as open as possible in a small dwelling like this one. In terms of style, they also double as decorative accents together with the handrails, in contrast to the white walls and furniture. This home's classic look comes from the sharp contrast between the white walls and dark timber furniture.

The commercial-grade vinyl plank flooring also mimics the dark tone of the timber furniture, creating visual depth and dimension. The kitchen looks more traditional than contemporary due to the timber countertop and wooden shelves instead of overhead cupboards. It offers plenty of storage by combining classic cupboards with the built-in staircase cabinets, and it comes equipped with all the basic appliances: a two-burner gas stove, an electric oven, and a range hood, plus dedicated nooks for the fridge and microwave.

Getaway Series 7200L Tiny House
Photo: Tiny Build
As an Aussie tiny home, you'd expect the Getaway Series to feature the famous breakfast bar as its space-saving, family-friendly dining solution. In turn, you'll be surprised to discover a retro-style dining area that seems to belong in a vintage RV. This diner-type section comes complete with comfy built-in seating and a swivel table. The dark-toned timber further accentuates the retro look of this unexpected amenity. It brings the charm of an old-school RV to modern tiny living without clashing with the overall décor.

The second surprise that adds character and flexibility to this dual-loft layout is the enclosed lounge. Again, this goes against the typical Aussie tiny home interior with wide, open spaces and uninterrupted views. This is not a lounge for connecting to the outdoors; instead, it's a cozy, private cocoon for true relaxation, quiet, and even work. This compact yet bright room is perfect for home office work and could even be turned into a workshop. Additionally, it's big enough to double as a temporary guest room. Overall, the enclosed design makes it much more flexible than a typical, fully open lounge.

These two ingenious spaces work in tandem. Instead of a bigger, open lounge area with huge windows and panoramic views, this interesting tiny home features a diner-style living room/dining room and a separate little lounge. It's a welcomed twist from the classic dual-loft configuration for those who favor having more privacy and more options.

Getaway Series 7200L Tiny House
Photo: Tiny Build
The self-contained bathroom also comes fully equipped and furnished, which includes a tiny built-in medicine cabinet. Future owners can opt for an eco-friendly composting toilet instead of the standard one. This is just one of the numerous add-ons available, ranging from custom-made furniture to sound and light features. The kitchen can be upgraded with a drawer dishwasher and a washing machine, and on the outside, the Getaway Series can be customized with a beautiful Cedar feature wall and an external storage box.

The Getaway Series by Tiny Build would make a beautiful tiny home for long-term living, while its spacious dual-loft layout with a retro-style twist would also add personality and flexibility for a potential Airbnb rental home.
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