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A Chevy Silverado, a Most Unusual Crash and a Face Full of Airbag

No amount of scripting can fully capture the awesomeness and strangeness of everyday life. Every once in a while, you come across something that is both a head-scratcher and the most hilarious thing ever – and this is one of those times.
Chevy Silverado stuck up a pole finds release, and driver gets a face full of airbag 3 photos
Chevy Silverado stuck up a pole finds release, and driver gets a face full of airbagChevy Silverado stuck up a pole finds release, and driver gets a face full of airbag
For the past couple of days, a video with a Chevy Silverado stuck up a stop sign has been making the rounds. Yes, that is not a typo: the pickup truck, a Crew Cab with an older male at the wheel, somehow made its way halfway up a parking bollard with a sign stop on it. As the video starts, the man is trying to get the truck off the pole, with considerable effort because the front bumper is lodged.

For the record, the video isn’t exactly new, despite its recent viral status. It first emerged on reddit on a myriad of subs at the beginning of the month, and it was widely shared without context. Earlier this week, it was reposted on TikTok, from where it moved to other social media platforms like Twitter. In the final week alone, it’s raked up millions of views and thousands of comments.

It’s not hard to see why: it is the most unusual predicament and has the most unexpected outcome. To the cheers of bystanders, the driver is finally able to free the truck from the pole by reversing it. The Chevy bounces once on the ground hard, and then a second time, which is when the lateral airbag deploys, sending the man’s red baseball cap flying out of the window.

The fact that this happens just as the nearby crowd of people is cheering for the truck’s release adds another layer of irony to the whole thing. It's like when we told ourselves in January 2020 we'd have a kickass year, and pop!, 2020 hit us smack in the face with an airbag. 

In one of the millions of comments the video has generated, some dude Richard claims to be the driver in the Silverado. He said he yanked hard to the left to avoid a kid running out of a Walmart without his parents, which sent his truck onto the pole. As for the damage caused, he says it was to the tune of $35,000. Also, if it still needs to be said, yes, getting a face full of airbag hurts like hell.


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