A Bit on the Crazy Side: Biker vs 7 Police Officers

I reported on multiple occasions on the zero-tolerance policy the Queensland authorities are enforcing against criminal motorcycle gangs, and openly stated that even though the Australian state wants to fight organized crime disguised as motorcycle clubs, the door for abuse is open. While it is impossible to pass judgement based on the info in this video, I’d say that things are not exactly well in Oz.
Biker questioned by 7 police officers in Australia 1 photo
Rider Jamie Evans was approached by Queensland police officers in a gas station. As he noticed that things aren’t exactly the simple “hi, may I see your papers please, thanks, have a nice day” way, he started video recording the whole affair with his phone.

The Queensland authorities have made wearing gang colors (vests and all) illegal, under the penalty of imprisonment. At the same time, police can pull over and question any group of motorcyclists in case the LEOs believe they are suspect.

Now, while it’s true that the 1%ers are harming the whole community of law-abiding riders, simply stopping all the riders wearing a vest or a group of buddies riding together and having them questioned on the side of the road is a bit off. And I’m willing to skip the dumb questions such as “how many friends do you have in your social club” and the like… Here's another dumb story on the same issue.

Having 7 cops and 4 police cruisers surrounding ONE guy in a gas station and putting up such an interrogatory is weird. Do watch the video and share your thoughts. Via bikernet

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