A Biker's Worst Case Scenario Just Got a Lot Less Scary Thanks to Bosch

Here’s the scenario. It’s midnight with a full moon on a Wednesday. Most folks are in their homes by now either getting ready for bed or just watching some TV. You, however, enjoy night rides under a full moon. So you hop on your chopper or crotch rocket to give it a ride around the outskirts of the city.
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Everything is good, a car only every five minutes or so, and the road is dry. The moon is strong enough to let you ride without a headlight on, but you stay put on that idea. Cruising, you come around a bend and a friggin' rabbit jumps into your path. All sound ceases as you take in one quick deep breath. The only thing you hear or feel rather, is that last thud right before you’re knocked out.

Time, at this point, as it has always been, is crucial. With no ability to assess damage or reach out to rescue services, the clock slowly ticks away.

A scenario like this is the kind responsible for the Help Connect system from Bosch. What this entire system does is detect a motorcycle crash and gets help services on the line to find out your state of being.

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But when you’re knocked out, the last thing you’re thinking about is answering a phone. Come to think of it, there really isn't much brain activity when you're knocked out. But this system is smarter than that. Through an app named Vivatar, GPS data shows where the last known locationt has been and even relays current health data to Bosch services. This is a huge plus for someone that may be unconscious. If something like this happens and signal is lost, rescue teams know exactly where to look.

So how does it all work? Well, it all starts with an app and a crash detection component. The app is simple, really. It just relays information, but also works together with other apps on your phone for a complete understanding of your state of being.

Secondly, we have this crash detection trinket, which measures acceleration and angular velocities 100 times a second. If any disruptions occur, your phone will automatically connect to Bosch service centers. But it’s not that simple. An algorithm within the device allows it to detect the severity of contact that may have occurred, and automatically run through rescue procedures.

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If a false alarm is detected, such as maybe dropping your phone while stationary, the system will not notify authorities. If, however, the system is still activated, you have ten seconds to deny the call. In the eventuality of a minor accident, you will be put in touch with an operator to assess whether emergency services are needed.

In case of a serious accident, the Bosch system will first contact local emergency services and forward all information regarding the accident detection. This allows rescue workers to find you based on those previous coordinates and data. If you wish, you can even opt for emergency contacts such as a family member or anything of the sort.

If you’re an avid rider, you know what this kind of tech means for you, your family, and your friends. It’s simple folks, an active system such as this can and does save lives.
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