A 1964 Pontiac GTO Really Doesn’t Deserve to Be Abandoned Like This

The GTO is often described as the muscle car that started it all, so it’s quite clear its place isn’t exactly in the middle of nowhere but rather in a museum next to other iconic models.
1964 Pontiac GTO 14 photos
Photo: eBay seller jasonh440
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And yet, some people still leave the GTO on the side of the road in awful conditions, and this is how we end up with models looking like the one in the photos you can see here.

In fact, the Pontiac GTO you’re looking at here isn’t the worst it can get, and it’s actually totally restorable despite lacking an engine and transmission.

Listed on eBay by seller jasonh440, the 1964 GTO was originally a black model muscle car with a black interior, coming with a 389 engine paired with a 4-speed transmission.

As said, the powertrain is gone, so the new owner would have to decide what to do next: either find a new 389 engine to restore the GTO to factory specifications or go for another unit and thus choose a restomod.

The owner says the car was purchased with the sole purpose of having it restored, but the project won’t be completed due to personal reasons, so now you can be the one to take care of all the rust and the missing parts.

The interior looks like it’ll require plenty of work, too, though it looks like at least the front seats are still there. They’re covered by other rusty parts, so maybe you could be able to get a closer look inside if you reach out to the seller.

While it’s pretty clear a 1964 GTO doesn’t deserve to end up in a condition like this, the only thing we can do right now is hope someone purchases the car and brings it back to tip-top shape. This is likely to happen as part of this eBay auction, as the car has already received ten bids, with the highest right now close to $2,700.
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