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9s Pontiac Fiero Turbo Is a Middle Finger to All the Fiero-Based Supercar Replicas

The engine compartment of this Pontiac hides plenty of boost, much more than you could imagine by simply looking at the thing. In fact, when manhandled correctly, this will tear up the drag strip.
9s Pontiac Fiero Turbo 1 photo
By that, we mean the Fiero will deliver a 9s quarter mile run, enough to leave many other cool rides behind. Sure, such rides can experience an engine failure at any given time. But 10-second cars are expensive enough to build, so we have to applaud the effort done here.

To be more precise, the clip shows us the Pontiac pulling a 9.87s run at 142 mph (that's 229 km/h for all you reading this across the pond). There's more to this Fiero than meets the eye speed trap
But a nine-second car wouldn't be so important without all the implications such a fast Fiero has.

This car is a middle finger shown to all the Ferrari replicas built on the Fiero's versatile platform. In fact, we're talking about all sort of replicas, not just those impersonating Prancing Horses.

Over the years, many car guys has come to despise the moment when a Fiero interior shows up in the same story as a supercar. It seems that no matter how many efforts the automotive community makes, the replica subculture simply won't disappear. Generation after generation of drivers, there will always be somebody who imagines tricking other people into believing they drive a Raging Bull or a Maranello machine is as easy as pie.

Exotic carmakers try to turn replicas into an extinct species, the police sometimes helps and many car aficionados also support such efforts. Well, this Fiero, which relies on the power of turbocharging, basically trolls all those drivers who decided to use such a Pontiac chassis to pretend they own a supercar.

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