992 Porsche 911 GT1 Rendered, Street Version Looks Amazing

Trying to explain the Porsche 911 lineup to somebody who's not a car person can result in plenty of confusion. For one thing, why do go-fast numbers keep growing as the number on the badge gets smaller? And why then is the GT3 RS generally regarded as purer than the GT2 RS?
992 Porsche 911 GT1 Rendered 1 photo
Oh, and then there's the GT1 - according to the simplification above, that's best one there is, so why doesn't it exist anymore?

Sure, it would be amazing if Zuffenhausen decided to bring back the rear mid-engined configuration of the racecar the 996 GT1 basically was.

However, given the uber-niche segment targeted by such a proposal and and the fact that the Volkswagen Group is keeping such investments in check, it's pretty unlikely that we'll get to see a 992 GT1, at least from the factory.

That's right, I'm suggesting that some eccentric aficioando out there could comission such a build. For instance, one way to do it would be to ask for a road-going "kit" to be installed on the 911 RSR.

Porshe might have recently introduced a revised version of the said racecar, but this maintains the configuration of the original, which came about in 2016. Of course, there's a bit of a trick when it comes to the mid-engined configuration of the 911 RSR. That's because the German engineers achieved this by switching the positions of the N/A flat-six and the gearbox rather than redesigning the car from the ground up.

Returning to the concept of a 992 Porsche 911 GT1, I've brought along a rendering that portrays what would be a Strassenversion (Street version) of the beast, hence the number plate present on the machine.

Rain Prisk, the digital art label behind the render, went a long way to make this dream seem as close to reality as possible, so here's a massive round of applause for that.


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