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90s Ford Ranger Losing it on Donk Rims

We have discussed this stupid fashion multiple times here, but if you still think donks are the best way to make your car turn some heads, here’s what you may encounter. If not, at least you’ll have a giggle at that guy in the clip bellow.
90s Ford Ranger Losing it on Donk Rims 1 photo
Fitting a car with donks means to change its stock rims with ones exceeding 24-inch in diameter. And we’re not talking about turning your car into a monster-truck here; these do not include beefy off-road tires. Donks are just big, have low talon tires and are chromed all the way.

While some people find it attractive to make their sedans or trucks look like an 18th century wagon, we find it an insult to automotive engineers. Apart from spoiling the looks of the car, donks will pretty much funk up the vehicle’s dynamics.

First of all, they have skinny tires and you’ll also need to cut up the suspension to fit them under the wheel arches, so no more dampening for you. Next, they’re way too big and heavy so fuel consumption will go sky high.

Their large diameter will also funk up the speedo, but if that is somehow fixable, watch what happens when they help move the car’s center of mass a “bit” higher.


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