900 HP Porsche 997 GT2 with Carbon Wheels Is Now a Racecar, Still Has a Clutch

Now that we've gone past the craze built around EPA plotting to kill street car-based racecars, we're glad we can return to our normal activities. You know, stuff like showing you just how extreme such machines can get.
900 HP Porsche 997 GT2 1 photo
For now, we'll zoom in on the Porsche 911 in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page. Sure, any Neunelfer makes a great starting point for such a project, but the one we have here is so extreme in factory trim that it's difficult to wonder whether the car should've been touched by the aftermarket wand or not.

We're talking about a 997-generation Porsche 911 GT2. In the heavy modding process' defense, the extra work being done on the car is the stuff of tuning dreams.

This GT2 landed in the skilled hands of BBi Autosport, with the California-based company having turned Porsche modification into art. We'll start with the obvious bit, the piece of info everybody wants to know, namely the new hp rating of the rear-engine coupe we have here.

This 997 can now rival the 918 Spyder in terms of the output, as it delivers 900 horses. However, the manual setup of the GT2 has been kept (with the obvious upgrades), so launching this beast is no easy feat.

Nevertheless, the car seems to have been turned into a drag racing machine. In fact, the video shows the vehicle's shakedown and yes, the driver does struggle to work the clutch as he gets used to the octane behemoth.

This is the kind of build where costs aren't all that important. For one thing, we seem to be dealing with carbon fiber wheels here.

Once everything goes through the break-in procedures, we're pretty certain we'll get to see more of this GT2 in the future and we can't wait to watch a proper launch.

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