850 HP BMW X6 M vs. 900 HP Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG, the Russian SUV Drag Race

Earlier today, we talked about how supercar drag racing might not be as interesting as it sounds, adding that tuned supercars might save the day. Well, we've come up with another solution to the potential boredom problem, namely bringing you a sprint brawl involving a pair of SUV packing hypercar levels of power.
850 HP BMW X6 M vs Mercedes-AMG ML63 1 photo
If we only look at the big picture, we could say we're dealing with a classic here, as the clip below shows a BMW X6 M and a Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG going head to head. While the Bimmer belongs to the current F86 generation, the ML might be a W166 model, but it's no Mercedes-AMG GLE63.
If on-paper racing was enough, we wouldn't be here, but still, the numbers are important
The Affalterbach behemoth has a theoretical power advantage over the M Division's Sports Activity Coupe. As we mentioned in the intro, both high-riding machines have been pushed to monstrous outputs, with the X6 M now delivering 850 hp and the ML63 producting 900 horses.

However, when it comes to tuned cars, one should never trust a 50 hp difference, even though the two play in the same weight league. In fact, you can enlarge the circle of mistrust to, say, 150 hp.

The hyperpowered SUVs battle as part of the Russian Drag Racing Championship (friends call this the Unlimited 500). We get to see a complete take on the matter, as the piece of footage at the bottom of the page includes both the 1/4- and the 1/8-mile figures.

And to make matters even more... stereotypical, both pumped-up Russian-plate SUV comes dressed in Black. And you're about to find out which one is the true bad boy. While we're not here to throw spoilers your way, we'll mention the fact that this was an extremely close race, from the reaction times to the finish.

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