800 HP Nissan Patrol Sleeper Is Built to Roast Lamborghinis in Qatar

As you know by now, we love coming up with answers to questions nobody asked. Our latest effort of this kind sees us telling the story of how tuning shops in Qatar get their share of fun.
800 HP Nissan Patrol Sleeper 1 photo
The obvious answer would point to drivers getting behind the wheels of the extreme horsepower creations being built over there. But that's not true - as we recently showed you, Qatar shops build serious racecars, so these people have to turn to something else for giggles.

We're talking about stuff such as sleepers and the Nissan Patrol in the video below is the latest example of that. While the car looks 100 percent stock, its engine compartment is the home of no less than 800 horses.

This offroader is motivated by an engine that comes from the same carmaker as the rest of the vehicle, using Nissan's TB48 in-line six. The unit works with a GT48 turbo to deliver quite the kick.

The center console now houses a switch that allows the driver to play with the boost level. As you can imagine, the difference between the settings is noticeable.

You'll be able to see the difference between two important settings in the footage below. While the output mentioned above has to do with the maximum attack mode, the driver of the Patrol also demonstrates a more streetable mode that delivers 600 hp.

Given the fact that Nissan Patrol racecars with over 2,000 hp can be found in that part of the world, this sleeper shouldn't take you by surprise.

We can say the same about the purpose for which the car was built, namely to teach Lamborghini drivers a lesson.

Since the density of the supercar population in the area is quite high, we expect a lot of collateral damage to be done, as we don't see why Ferraris would be spared.

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