800 HP Audi S2 Ignores Swedish Police, Grabs Street Racing Valhalla Cup

Swedish street racers mentioned Valhalla long before this was integrated into the Mad Max franchise thanks to the Fury Road establishment, with the Valhalla Cup being an unofficial trophy grabbed by the dominant four-wheel figure throughout the year.
800 HP Audi S2 1 photo
As you can imagine, the cars that manage to grab this cup are nothing short of insane, and we're here to show you last year's winner. We're talking about an Audi S2 that now packs over four times its original output.

For the record, the factory setup saw the S2 delivering 230 hp and while this might not seem like much nowadays, the 5.9-second time required for the 0 to 62 mph sprint is still respectable.

Returning to the example we're here to discuss, this still has a 2.2-liter five-cylinder, but the engine now works with a monstrous turbo. To be more precise, the engine compartment now houses a Precision 6466 turbo, which, according to the owner of the machine, allows this Audi to deliver 800 hp at the wheels - this means the power at the crank, which is the value carmakers use, could very well sit around 1,000 horses.

Interestingly, the manual setup has also been maintained, albeit with the obvious hardcore mods required by the output of the contraption.

And thanks to the piece of footage below, we can see what all-wheel-drive launches in such an S2 look like. The clip takes us straight into the heart of the Swedish street racing scene.

We have to explain this Audi took the small tire class trophy, racing vehicles ranging from a turbocharged Caterham Super Seven to a Turbo LS7-gifted boxy Volvo Wagon. The video also shows the police stepping in to deal with the races, but, somehow, this doesn't seem to bring too many issues for the street racers. Oh well, the folks already had enough on their hands with the cold weather launches, so perhaps this is understandable...

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