780 HP Mercedes-AMG C63 S Drag Races VW Golf Sleeper, Crushing Victory Follows

When you drive a current-generation Mercedes-AMG C63 S that has been given a serious tech massage, there are few cars you have to fear, at least in a straight line. Nevertheless, if a Volkswagen Golf Mk II that looks stock lines up next to you at a drag racing event, you might have reasons to fret.
780 HP Mercedes-AMG C63 S Drag Races VW Golf Sleeper 4 photos
Mercedes-AMG C63 S drag races Golf sleeperMercedes-AMG C63 S drag races Golf sleeperMercedes-AMG C63 S drag races Golf sleeper
After all, this is clearly a sleeper trying to take on your Affalterbach toy, so you might want to get everything right during the velocity battle.

And we're not just talking on a hypothetical level, as we've brought along a drag race involving the two very different slabs of Germany.

The go-fast tools got together during a velocity gathering that involved half-mile battles. The adventure took place on an airfield, so the two had all the space they needed to go all out.

Note that the fight involved a standing start and this is where things got tricky, as you'll get to see in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page. This sprinting brawl is an example of the fact that having tons of power is one thing and being able to put it to the ground is another thing.

The clip showcasing the adventure involves both the time and the trap speed of the cars, but we must keep in mind that the latter detail is the one that wins the fight.

As for the aural side of the confrontation, the twin-turbo V8 of the C63, with its unmistakable Mercedes-AMG voice, is the one that dominates the arena without even trying to achieve this purpose.

You should know that the said battle awaits you at the 2:11 point of the video. Nevertheless, the rest of the clip is also worthy of attention, since this is packed with drag racing action.

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