707 HP Jeep Trailcat Is a Hellcat-Powered Wrangler with Dodge Viper Seats

Yes, we know. 707 ponies placed in the same sentence with "wrangler" will probably make you think we're talking about two or three of these Jeeps. But such an assumption would be wrong - ladies and gentlemen eccentrics, we give you the 707 hp Jeep Wrangler Trailcat.
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Jeep TrailcatJeep TrailcatJeep TrailcatJeep Trailcat
Before we let the good news flood our system, we'll have to give you the only piece of bad news in this article: as you've probably guessed by now, we're dealing with a concept, not a production machine here.

Even so, with the Charger and the Challenger Hellcat lending their blown 6.2-liter to a heavily modded Wrangler, we have tons of reasons to rejoice. And speaking of weight, the sheer idea that this contraption has the same muscle as the two Dodges mentioned above but is probably lighter, is enough to throw a party.

Fret not, Jeep is more than ready for a celebration, since the Trailcat is destined for the carmaker's 50th annual Easter Safari festival in Moab, Utah.

Interestingly, the Hellcat V8 works with a six-speed manual. Guess that Hellcat logo didn't fit an automatic gear lever as well. And since the carmaker claims this one is also dedicated to the high-velocity sections, the wheelbase has been increased by twelve inches. The company explains this was required by the engine swap, but we feel a little handling-improving effect was also on the agenda.

Remember how Jeep engineers faced difficulties when working to develop an all-wheel-drive system that would cope with the upcoming Hellcat-ized Grand Cherokee?

Well, they've found a balance for this Wrangler, complete with Dana 60 axles at both ends of the car. A two-inch lift and overly meaty 39.5-inch BFGoodrich Krawler T/A rubber complete the scenery.

This FCA mashup, which looks as if one of the internet's wacky renderings (or, why not, one of Ralph Gilles' dinner sketches), has suddenly materialized, and it is also part Dodge Viper (read: the bucket seats).

Is it a top-heavy, brick-shaped machine (notice the utter absence of aero elements) with 707 hp safe? Listen to the Jeep Trailcat roaring in the video below and you'll forget that question.

And the best part of it all is that the Trailcat is just a part of the artillery Jeep has prepared for the 2016 Easter Moab, which is scheduled to kick off on March 19.

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