700 HP Aventador Drag Racing 700 HP Audi RS6 Avant Shows Why We Need Supercars

700 HP Lamborghini Aventador Drag Racing 700 HP Audi RS6 Avant 1 photo
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With the world wide web making it easier for people to express their opinions these days, we’ve heard more and more “connoisseurs” talking about how supercars are stupid and listing the reasons for which we’d be better off without such vehicles.
In order to prove these naysayers wrong, we’ve brought along the video below, which offers us a 700 horsepower comparison that’s not difficult to dissect.

In the supercar corner, we have the 700-pony Lamborghini Aventador, a machine that, when upgraded to the 750 hp Superveloce trim, will lap the Nurburgring in a hypercar-grade sub-7 minute time.

In the normal vehicle corner, sits a current generation Audi RS6 Avant - by “normal” you should understand a family man’s go-fast ride. The Ingolstadt station wagon’s twin-turbo V8 has received an ECU remap that pushed the output to (you’ve guessed it) 700 hp.

Despite both cars using all-wheel-drive systems that are perfectly capable of performing neck-snapping launches, the two engaged in a rolling start race that saw them taking off at 31 mph (50 km/h).

Sure, a five-year-old would look at these two cars and tell you the Sant’Agata Bolognese model is faster, but seeing the exact acceleration difference between them is nonetheless satisfying.

Still, you shouldn’t bet on the Aventador beating the RS6 (we’re talking about the stock version of the German vehicle here) in 100 percent of the possible real-world scenarios. For instance, independent tests have shown the big-booted Audi can, for instance, complete the 25 to 50 mph (40 to 80 km/h) sprint a fraction of a second more quickly than the Raging Bull. And you should know this isn’t the only scenario that sees the RS6 taking a temporary lead.

Just try to be reasonable and not race the two on a track, okay? After all, the Lamborghini does cost over 2.5 times more than the not-exactly-cheap Audi RS being discussed here.

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