7 Grown-Up Toys You Wished You Bought for the Summer

So here you are, streaming through the latest photo galleries you could get your hands on with the freshest convertibles. Yes, we know, the 2016 MINI Cooper S Convertible, the 2015 Opel Cascada or the 2016 BMW 2 Series are not that bad either. But what if instead of a droptop four-wheeler you would have bought something else to keep your summer rocking?
Howe&Howe’s EV2 is pure gronw-ups fun 16 photos
Photo: Howe & Howe
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Hey, we love cars. They come in so many shapes that we almost never get tired of talking about autos. Some hot nights when even the AC is not handling itself well anymore, however, we do get that awkward regret; it's as if we forgot about something. It’s the moment when we stop thinking of proper machinery for a second and wonder what else is there. We’re having one of those moments.

Here’s a short list we build up just in case you might get that exact feeling one of these summer nights to come, too.

1. Howe&Howe’s EV2

Hold your horses folks, we were not planning to start this odd discussion about inflatable swimming pools and whatnot just yet.

No, we’re not ready to abandon the petrol-eating machinery just yet, which is why on the top of our list we put a tank that was customized for civil use. It’s a luxury speed off-roader built on Howe&Howe’s famed Ripsaw platform. We’re talking about 12 inches of suspension travel, eccentric interior and over 600 diesel horsepower.

One of these same models starred in Mad Max: Fury Road and the best part is they recently announced a limited edition is also available for sale on request. Sure, you’re going to need hundreds of thousands to get one, but we had to start this way. Furthermore, considering the EV2 is a hell of a popular grown-ups toy, we’re pretty sure they are all sold out.

2. Bedford Mobile Cinema

OK, so now we’re cheating. This peculiar contraption still is a vehicle, namely a bus. They customized it with proper manners and it’s what you’d call a Cinematheque on wheels. Commissioned by the Ministry of Technology department of the UK government in the late sixties, this bad boy is the sole survivor of seven ever built.

As we said, the interesting issue of this two-piece conjunction is the customized Bedford SB3 bus that was turned into an actual home theater on wheels. If you had been there when they put it on sale, you could have enjoyed a proper road trip now. But you missed this chance too.

3. Ekomobil

How about losing the petroleum side for a second and switching to a different discussion, one that implies some manpower for a change. Sure, you may as well be a woman with this toy since we’re talking about a tricycle that takes the form of a Morgan car. Its wheels will spin according to how much your pedaling strength is. That, or the range of the optional battery, say you buy that too.

The lacquered composite body shell and 24-inch wheels on the outside, combined with wood veneer and leather trim turn this into a proper Morgan accessory. When used in the human-power mode, the rider’s pedaling power is transferred via a chain drive to a Shimano Nexus 3-speed planetary hub transmission in the rear wheel. This puppy, you can still order for, but it may take some time for delivery since its creator is based in Minsk, Belarus.

4. Oxboard

Good, now that we’ve discussed tracked vehicles, four-wheeled and tricycles ones, it’s time for one that cuts things in half. Meet the Oxboard, the Dutch electric two-wheeler that is what we called a cheaper Segway. It comes with smaller wheels, no handlebar and is a lot more affordable. Oh, it also appears to be a lot of fun.

With a top speed of 15 km/h (9.31 mph) and a range of 20 km (12 miles), the 11 kg (24 lbs) skateboard lookalike could be your chance to act like a teenager again while hanging out with your kid. It hit the market on May 22 and should still be available online, but if you had it now, summertime fun would have been proper fun. There’s still time, though.

5. Renegade (or Two-Seater Carbon Fiber and Kevlar Hovercraft)

After you cover most of the vehicles with wheels, what’s left, a hovercraft that is backed by a cushion of low-pressure air, of course. Created by Universal Hovercraft boat dealer based in Rockford, Illinois the company’s latest two-seat watercraft is the one thing you wished you had. The best part about it is that the craft is not even a summer-only toy.

Renegade was designed as an all-season, all-terrain vehicle, although we’re quite sure summer is the season for this bad boy. Simple controls steer the rudders, elevators, and a finger trigger controls the throttle. As to handling the craft, apparently it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to learn how to. The hefty price, and the fact we are almost passed the middle of the summer puts this puppy out of the discussion, yet it would have been nice to have now.

6. Wavekat P70, the watercraft that promises F1 driving experience

Wow, did you say Formula One driving experience? Not us, the watercraft’s makers said this. Marine Toy Sand Tenders’ creation promises “the ultimate driving experience on water.”

It’s called the Wavekat P70, and it’s supposed to perform 90 degrees turns while continuing at high speed like it was kids play. What makes this watercraft stand out is the catamaran style layout that keeps it stable at speeds of up to 35 knots (65 km/h - 40 mph).

Again, this puppy is still available for purchase, but considering its serious price, you would have had to save quite a lot actually to afford buying it now. In other words, it’s another toy you missed this summer.

7. One-Person Electric Boat

For our final candidate, we have kept the product specially designed for the lazy fellows out there. Maybe not lazy, maybe they are just uncured romantics.

A 12 Volt electric motor drives its two-bladed propeller, providing 4-mph (6.4 km/h) cruises over calm lakes or ponds. Apparently, it was designed for accessing secret swimming holes, fishing spots or visiting neighboring docks.

Aside from its fiberglass construction, the e-boat is trimmed with mahogany, chromed moldings, and stainless steel drink holders. The happy person cruising it will relax in twin foam-padded recumbent seats upholstered in marine-grand vinyl.

Oh, there’s also a waterproof 120-watt sound system, just in case you feel alone in the middle of the water. Again, this toy is still available online, only that you had to save up to afford buying it now.
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