69-Cent a Gallon Gas Station's Manager Got Fired, His Family Asks for Help

A Shell gas station managed to make a lot of drivers from a small city near Sacramento very happy. For almost three hours, premium gas was sold at just $0.69 per gallon. As expected, this situation quickly got out of hand. Now the location’s manager got fired, and he’s afraid the owner might look to recover the losses incurred during the period in which the pricing error remained active. The man asks for your help.
Shell Gas Station in Rancho Cordova 6 photos
Shell Filling Station in Rancho CordovaShell Filling Station in Rancho CordovaShell Filling Station in Rancho CordovaShell Filling Station in Rancho CordovaShell Filling Station
On Sunday, we were telling you about an interesting and very welcomed mishap. A Shell gas station from Rancho Cordova sold for a couple of hours premium gas for $0.69 a gallon. The employees didn’t immediately figure out what was going on. They started suspecting something was off only after they saw that people were queueing and were only filling up with their most expensive type of gasoline.

The price was eventually corrected. Unfortunately, in those almost three hours, people managed to reportedly incur a loss of almost $16,000. The owner assessed the situation and fired the gas station manager, according to ABC Fresno. John Szczecina took full responsibility for the error.

The ex-manager explained that he accidentally misplaced a decimal when trying to set the price of premium gas at $6.99 per gallon.

But the man is worried he might be sued by the station’s owners since they have to cover the loss out of their own pockets. This situation hasn’t been brought up yet by the bosses, but the former manager’s family took matters into their own hands and created a GoFundMe page. They want people to contribute as little as they can. The manager says he intends to pay back his former employer just to avoid further problems.

After finding out about what went on at this Shell filling station, people from other parts of the U.S. started accusing those that took advantage of the discounted price of theft. One driver asked the Police if he did something wrong by filling up with 69-cent gas. The officers told him that he was in the clear. They argue that Shell could’ve refused to accept the payments made by those that had the chance to top off their cars or trucks for cheap. Moreover, the gas station has an emergency button that can cut the pump’s power instantaneously. Nobody did any of that, so customers can’t be held liable for the losses.

Gas recently reached a national average of over $5 a gallon. Experts anticipate the uptrend will continue. Their prognosis is backed even by the U.S. energy secretary, who said this summer “is going to be rough.”


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