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67-Year-Old Woman Blocks Car Park with Impossible Stunt

We know that parking can sometimes be difficult and the Internet is flooded with video showing how such maneuvers can turn into a true disaster, but this is ridiculous: a 67-year old lady managed to block the access to a carpark as she was trying to turn her car, placing her vehicle in the impossible position you see in the adjacent picture.
parking stunt 1 photo
Wiola Nowicka, 67, was trying to get out of the parking lot, as she had noticed that she was supposed to pay a high fee for leaving her car there, as writes.

The driveway was blocked for five hours, with the vehicle being jammed between the sidewalls. Fortunately, no injuries resulted from the incident. Nowicka was sorry for the trouble she caused, explaining that she was just trying to turn and ended up being blocked.

Our say: take this stunt drivers!


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