650 HP BMW M4 vs. Ferrari 458 Drag Race Is an Emotional Rollercoaster

Now that the Ferrari 458 has retired, more and more drivers outside the Prancing Horse realm wish to challenger the Maranello machine. Those who find themselves behind the wheel of tuned BMWs make for an important part of the hooning aficionados we're talking about.
650 HP BMW M4 vs. Ferrari 458 Drag Race 4 photos
650 HP BMW M4 vs Ferrari 458 drag race650 HP BMW M4 vs Ferrari 458 drag race650 HP BMW M4 vs Ferrari 458 drag race
The freshest example of this comes from a current generation BMW M4 that has received a respectable set of upgrades, with the Bavarian coupe having jumped from its stock output of 430 hp to over 650 ponies.

As such, when the driver of the M car came across a 458 Italia during a drag racing event, calling out the Fezza was a no-brainer.

The Italian exotic came in stock condition, which means its rear wheels were assaulted by 570 horses.

The two-door animals went for a rolling start and the guy behind the wheel of the M4 was more than glad, since, as he admits in the post-race interview, putting down the power is the greatest challenge of the car.

We aim to allow the video to do its job, so we won't talk about the shenanigans that take place during the race. However, we weren't kidding in the title above and we can guarantee that this battle will keep you on your toes from start to finish. Alas, you shouldn't expect all that much from the aural side of the video, since the M4, not the Fezza, served as the camera vehicle.

Now, you might wonder about the mods that allow the twin-turbo 3.0-liter straight-six of the Bimmer to deliver the power bump mentioned above. As the owner explains after the battle against the Ferrari 458 Italia, the machine received custom turbos, a full E85 setup, along with the usual goodies, such as the intercooler, exhaust, and air filter.

And yes, the M4 we're talking about can keep the extra power under control, since it also packs a KW Clubsport suspension.

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