644-HP 2023 BMW XM Extended Cab Feels Like the Perfect Pickup Truck Conversion

Soon ready to elicit the most polarizing reactions at a massive shopping mall near you, the 2023 BMW XM is the second-only exclusive product from M GmbH.
2023 BMW XM Extended Cab pickup truck rendering by X-Tomi Design 13 photos
Photo: X-Tomi Design / Facebook
2023 BMW XM Extended Cab pickup truck rendering by X-Tomi Design2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM
But that is just one of its many highlights. It is also the company’s high-performance flagship full-size crossover SUV. And a worthy sibling to the 2023 BMW X7 LCI (Life Cycle Impulse – aka a Bavarian facelift), as well as the all-new i7 and 7 Series limousines. Plus, it is not just a posh split-headlight representative, as it is also ‘sustainable’ thanks to a 644 hp plug-in hybrid powertrain.

More so, its top 735-hp Label Red version will soon care to snatch the ICE-powered SUV crown from the 715-hp Ferrari Purosangue. So, it is only natural that BMW’s XM has attracted everyone’s attention, either for right or wrong reasons. That includes the imaginative realm of virtual automotive artists, of course.

And they quickly jumped with ‘joy’ at the sight of the Bavarian behemoth, all trying to make it better, tuned, or something else entirely. The latter includes body style conversions to such ideas as SuperVans or potential Touring DNA donors, among others. But the most popular idea has seen the BMW XM morphing into a digital pickup truck.

Either a full-size heavy-duty option, a regular Double Cab to snatch the (never-attained) glory from the defunct Mercedes-Benz X-Class, or a smaller and nimbler XM Extended Cab. The latter has arrived courtesy of the virtual artist better known as X-Tomi Design on social media, who ditched the 2024 Ford Mustang and Purosangue CGI ideas in favor of this nifty pickup truck conversion.

And you know what? I think it would be perfect for the OEM design of BMW’s XM, as a frowned light-duty hauler sounds infinitely better than a flagship crossover SUV, at least to me! What do you think - is the author on to something or not?

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Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of BMW XM.

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