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64 Heavy-Duty Continental Tires Help the World's Tallest Observation Wheel Turn Smoothly

If the cosmopolitan lifestyle is your cup of tea and you’re mesmerized by opulence, extravagance, and glamour, Dubai should definitely top your vacation destinations list. And one of the attractions that can’t be missed in the area is the Ain Dubai, or “Dubai Eye”, also known as the world’s largest and tallest observation wheel.
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Continental tires used on the Ain Dubai observation wheelAin Dubai observation wheelAin Dubai observation wheelAin Dubai observation wheelAin Dubai observation wheel cabin
This behemoth of a Ferris wheel is located on Bluewaters Island in Dubai and has been entertaining hundreds of thousands of visitors since it has been launched, last October. Tourists from the United Arab Emirates and from all over the world come to see the 820 ft (250 m) tall wheel that has managed to exceed in height the previously tallest observation wheel in the world, namely the High Roller in Las Vegas, which has a height of 550 ft (167 m).

The wheel was literally reinvented with the Ain Dubai, for which constructors used 11,200 tons of steel and 2,400 km (1,491 miles) of cables. It has 48 spacious cabins and a capacity of 1,750 people.

And here’s another fun fact about this epic tourist attraction. German automotive parts manufacturer Continental recently announced that 64 of its heavy-duty TerminalMaster tires are used to help operate the Ain Dubai, ensuring a smooth and consistent rotation of the wheel.

As explained by Continental, the 64 tires serve as friction rollers in the drive systems at either end of the boarding platform, helping the Ain Dubai turn on its slow and steady rotation and offering tourists stunning, 360-degree views of the emirate.

Continental’s TerminalMaster tires weren’t chosen randomly for this job, as these tubeless tires were designed to withstand the harshest conditions and handle huge payloads. The German manufacturer boasts of them being extremely durable and high-performance. The TerminalMaster features a very deep tread profile and industrial-strength casing and comes with higher resistance to damage and punctures than standard tires.

The tires measure 1,070 mm (42”) in diameter and weigh around 71 kg (156.5 lb). All 64 tires used for the Ain Dubai observation wheel are equipped with ContiPressureCheck sensors and are digitally monitored using the ContiConnect system.

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