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5-Liter Millyard V-Twin Is Truly Scary

Some guys just can;t get enough when it comes to bike engines, and if you live your live on the "bigger is better" principle, then Millyard's 5-liter v-twin should definitely do. Well, "bigger" is more of an understatement in this case: "insanely big is the absolute best" would do, however.
Well, let's cut to the chase: you're about to see the first test of a 5-liter (that is 5,000cc) Millyard v-twin engine, an elegant and wonderful build, altogether. If "v-twin" and "5-liter" make you raise an eyebrow, here's the little secret: the engine uses two Pratt-Whitney R1340 aircraft cylinders!

The rest of the engine, believe it or not, had been crafted in-house: crankshaft, con rods and crankcase and all. The beastly power unit runs with a dry sump and twin oil pumps, and the future frame which it will sit in will be the reservoir.

Add in the twin SU carburetors, point ignition and manual advance/retard controls and dual spark plugs. The exhaust is a bit extreme in this stage, but even if it were to be left the way it is now, it would be only natural for such an extreme v-twin.

We still can't believe our ears and eyes, as we see the massive engine and rig trembling on the ground: it was carried by four men, and this means it's damn heavy. Yet it dances light as a feather on the grass... a 5-liter v-twin feather, that is!


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