440 HP Toyota Supra by Litchfield Slaps Some Sense into Ford Mustang V8

You guys probably have no idea why, but whenever we see a car that's been modified by Litchfield we get a little excited. You see, the company is more than just a simple engine tuner, they've put together some of the coolest Subarus on the planet, and now they're turning their attention to the Toyota Supra.
440 HP Toyota Supra by Litchfield Drag Races Ford Mustang V8 4 photos
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440 HP Toyota Supra by Litchfield Slaps Some Sense  Ford Mustang V8440 HP Toyota Supra by Litchfield Slaps Some Sense  Ford Mustang V8440 HP Toyota Supra by Litchfield Slaps Some Sense  Ford Mustang V8
And why wouldn't they? The Supra is now the talk of the town, a sports car that has everybody wondering what body kit to buy or which performance mods are the best. While we've seen numbers that are slightly higher, Litchfield's setup is very impressive.

Out of the existing 3-liter turbo, they've managed to extra 440 horsepower, exactly 100 more than stock. We could mention that all the dyno tests have shown the Supra actually makes way more than claimed, but let's just add a torque number and be done with it: 600 Nm.

But you know what? Toyota let people down for many years, not making a Supra at all and eventually needing a BMW engine to do it. Do you know who didn't need German help for its sports coupe? Ford. When we think of an affordable 2-door car that fills you with the joy of driving, it's basically always the Mustang.

Due to... reasons, the European Mustang V8 currently makes only 450 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque, going though a 10-speed automatic that's not known for fantastic launches. But the "American Dream" is way cheaper and gives you more cylinders to play with too. We feel a drag race coming on!

The modified Supra slaps some sense into the Mustang with or without using its launch control. Maybe the right move for Ford to make wasn't to get rid of the V6 but to have an EcoBoost V6 added alongside the V8. It would have been the cheapskate drag racer, leaving the Shelby boys to play in the big leagues.

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