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42-Years-Owned 1969 BMW R60/2 Would Love a Proper Restoration, Has Matching Numbers

Even though this old-school Bavarian may not be perfect, it’s still worth your full attention.
1969 BMW R60/2 15 photos
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Only two people have ever been able to call this 1969 BMW R60/2 theirs, and the current long-term owner purchased it all the way back in September 1979. Since then, Motorrad’s relic was fitted with a set of replacement alloy wheels measuring 18 inches in diameter, as well as fresh saddle upholstery and newer stainless-steel exhaust mufflers.

Additionally, the motorcycle’s carburetors, magneto ignition, and final drive housing have all been refurbished for good measure. This classic gemstone is brought to life by a numbers-matching 594cc boxer-twin power source with 7.5:1 compression, two valves per cylinder, and dual 24 mm (0.9-inch) Bing inhalers.

The air-cooled engine is connected to the rear shaft-driven hoop via a four-speed transmission and a dry single-plate clutch. In the orbit of 5,800 revs per minute, a peak horsepower figure of 30 ponies will be accomplished at the crankshaft. On the other hand, the mill is able to spawn 36 pound-feet of twist at a lower point in the rpm range.

Ultimately, this force enables the ‘69 MY R60/2 to reach a top speed of 90 mph (145 kph) when pushed to the limit. Stopping power hails from a duplex drum brake up north and a simplex module down south, both of which have a diameter of 200 mm (7.9 inches).

In terms of suspension, the Beemer relies on Earles forks at the front and dual shock absorbers with preload adjustability at the rear end. A tubular steel double cradle frame is tasked with holding everything where it belongs, and the entire structure weighs in at a modest 430 pounds (195 kg) on a full stomach.

Bavaria’s two-wheeled beauty is getting ready to change hands at this very moment, but you’ve only got until tomorrow afternoon (July 15) to make an offer on Bring a Trailer. The R60/2 fetched a total of ten bids thus far, with the highest one amounting to 5,100 bones for the time being.

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