400 HP Golf R Drag Races GLE 63 S Coupe and 2018 E63

This drag race video is a modern day David versus Goliath story with cars and tuning. It's what Car the movie should have been!
400 HP Golf R Drag Races GLE 63 S Coupe and 2018 E63 3 photos
400 HP Golf R Drag Races GLE 63 S Coupe and 2018 E63400 HP Golf R Drag Races GLE 63 S Coupe and 2018 E63
The Golf 7 R is a hero car for Volkswagen. There are entire websites, Facebook communities and Instagram accounts dedicated to it. It's a hot hatch with a 2-liter turbo engine, 300 horsepower, and all-wheel-drive, so in that regard, it isn't that special.

But there's something about it that gets people going... mainly the ones who like Volkswagens. Sharp design and blue paint don't win drag races, but a good engine tune can. And with its trusty DSG gearbox sending immediate power to all four wheels, the Golf R can be surprisingly fast.

Now, we have seen some brutal 2.5 TFSI swaps, but from the sound of it, this track toy is still rocking four cylinders. It only has 100 horsepower more than stock, which is surprising when you see the cars it goes up against.

We get a big number from the Nissan GT-R: 800 horsepower. Of course, that means it's way faster than the Golf. But what about the Brabus SUV? Well, this is more of an old-school AMG model that left the factory with a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 making 585 horsepower and 760 Nm of torque.

Even its stock 0 to 100 km/h time of 4.2 seconds is way quicker than the Golf R, which only wins this race. One of the most common Brabus versions of this GLE 63 Coupe makes 850 HP.

It's supposed to have a rebored 5.9-liter engine and a 0 to 100 km/h time of 4 seconds. The 1,060 Nm of torque could be what overwhelms the AWD and clutches the victory for a humble Golf R.

There's another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration, and that's the length of the race. We counted about eight seconds to the finish line, which means this probably is a 1/8-mile run. But still, how can even the E63 S be slower?


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