4 Minutes of Lexus LFA Insanity in One Video: Donuts and Rubber Torture

We forgot exactly how much tires for the Lexus LFA cost. But it's got to be at least $5,000 for the set, right? Also, the fact that there are only a few hundred of these in the world means that you can't torture one without a good reason.
4 Minutes of Lexus LFA Insanity in One Video: Donuts and Rubber Torture 1 photo
The Goodwood Festival of Speed, where tens of thousands of people come to see hundreds of awesome motors, seems like the perfect venue for some LFA shenanigans.

Up next, you guys are going to check out about four minutes of the only V10 supercar ever made by Lexus. It's amazing to think that the LFA is now six years old. In an era when everything is turbocharged and hybridized, it seems a little bit out of place.

The LFA proves that there are questions in the automotive world that shouldn't have a numeric answer, especially "what's a supercar?". This machine only produces 553 horsepower, so it's got less than an Audi RS6.

And despite what many people think, the engine is at the front, not in the middle. Yet the LFA will always be considered a supercar, one of a few good ones made by the Japanese. And no, the Acura NSX doesn't count!

Toyota's luxury sub-brand joined the supercar club in 2010 after many years of trying. One of the highlights was an engine that revs to the stratosphere and a carbon fiber body which has a cool story to tell.

Most of you already know this one, but the tub of the LFA is the main reason why it costs more than $400,000. Originally, they wanted to make it out of aluminum but scrapped a decade of development because it wasn't light enough and started over with carbon fiber.

Despite what many people think, Lexus never stopped thinking outside the box. And for that, we want to celebrate with four minutes of tire torture and high-pitched engine sounds. Enjoy!

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