4 Bikes, 3 Lolriders, 2 of Them Down

2 lolriders crashing silly 1 photo
Photo: YouTube
It really cares me seeing guys aboard bikes like an R6, yet unable to ride at moderate speed through an easy turn on wet asphalt.
Really guys, true motorcycling involves learning how to ride in the wet. This doesn't mean that you should hurry outside as you see clouds gathering, just to prove something. Actually, it's the other way around: you don't have to prove anything to anyone.

It's just the fact that rain might catch up with you at almost any time during a bike outing. And it doesn't have to be a deluge, some silly sprinkle is enough to soak the road. And then, what do you do? Wait for the sun to dry your roads or keep on riding?

Well, seeing how poor the riding sills of three of these guys are, I'd say you'd better pray for sun. Sorry to be so harsh, but such riding is a no-no.

Jump to 3:50 for a truly stupid crash.

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