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3D Design BMW M6 Gran Coupe Shows Promise

The BMW M6 Gran Coupe was considered the best looking car from the company’s line-up until the M3 and M4 came out. Now, things are more heavily discussed. However, when tuning is involved, all bets are off.
3D Design BMW M6 Gran Coupe 10 photos
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The guys from 3D Design created a beautiful kit for the M6 Gran Coupe and one forum member decided to get it for his own car. Therefore, what you’re about to see is one four-door coupe wearing the parts we talked about.

The kit is make up of a carbon fiber lip for the front bumper, a new set of side skirts, a diffuser for the rear bumper and a new trunk spoiler. Since their are all made of carbon fiber, you already know that they weigh little to nothing.

That was not all though. Apart from the visual improvements (completed by a set of BBS RI-D 20” wheels) there were some developments in the power department as well.

3D Design apparently has its own piggyback upgrade for the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet and that’s what they went with. The power figure is slated to have reached 647 HP. That’s plenty if you ask us! To cope with the extra fumes generated now, a set of AMS downpipes were also added to the mix along with 3D Design’s own exhaust system.

That means that almost every thing add to this car was made by them and, to be completely honest, they could give older BMW tuners like Hamann, AC Schnitzer and Manhart a run for their money. Check out the photos.


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