$37 Million Worth of Cars Destroyed for the New James Bond Movie, Spectre

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It's been a long time since Hollywood movie budgets have become absolutely absurd, but all that seems to be forgiven and forgotten when you're sitting in a dark room chewing popcorn, right?
While most of that money goes to the star actors, renting locations, equipment, and building sets, there's also some of it put away for prop material. Not that much, but some.

Well, when you're shooting the new movie in the longest action/spy franchise ever, you have to save a little more than "some". In the case of Agent 007's latest flick called "Spectre", we're talking about $37 million, and that's just for the cars.

Aston Martin is once again providing the wheels for Britain's best secret agent, and this time they come in the shape of the DB10. If you're a bit puzzled, it's because the DB10 name is restricted to a limited run of just ten cars that were all created specifically for this movie. And you thought the girls were the best perk of being 007...

Seven out of the ten DB10s were destroyed in the making of the new movie, so do keep a moment of silence in their honor when you go to the theaters (available starting November the 6th). In case you were wondering, this is an all-time record in terms of the overall value of destroyed cars. One that we sincerely hope will never be beaten.

"In Rome, we wrecked millions of pounds worth. They were going into the Vatican at top speeds of 110 mph. We shot one entire night for four seconds of film," chief stunt coordinator Gary Powell said. It must be a tough job telling millions of dollars worth of cars how to get smashed, but somebody has to do it.

With a total budget estimated at around $270 million, the $37 spent on the cars suddenly seems like small peas. Anyway, we now have one more reason to watch the movie: see if it was all worth it. Destroying seven real-life limited edition supercars for a movie? Yeah, we doubt it.

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