33-Year-Old Man Blames Company For Gaming Addiction, Crashes Car Into Its Office

Addictions are awful, no matter what kind of disorder affects a person.
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From alcohol, tobacco, and gambling, to video games or even hoarding, the quality of one’s life can seriously deteriorate if an addiction steps in. In the case of a 33-year-old man from China, online video games were his weakness, and he claims that they have “ruined his life.”

While a gaming addiction could be dangerous, this is no excuse to do thoughtless things. In the case of this man, whose surname is Lee, he went to South Korea on a three-month visitor permit, and then crashed a car into the head office of a company specialized in video games called Nexon.

Mr. Lee admitted to the wrongdoing, Korea Herald reports, and nobody was injured because of his foolish actions. Unfortunately, he was driving his brother’s car, who lives in South Korea.

His brother might have to respond legally to the actions of his sibling, as the 33-year-old gamer did not have a valid driver’s license, and was also over the legal blood alcohol limit at the time of the accident.

The 33-year-old videogame player did not explain how exactly video games “ruined his life.” Since Nexon operates multiple online games, and requires a paid account to be used, Mr. Lee might have gotten into financial troubles because of his subscription. There is also a possibility that he got laid off from work after being unproductive because of his gaming addiction.

Either way, this news shows us that even something that seems as harmless as gaming could turn into an obsession, and people’s lives could be affected by it. However, we must point out that video games have nothing to do with Mr. Lee’s irresponsible behavior.

No matter what harm had a company caused you, you should not get drunk and drive a car into their headquarters. Hire a lawyer instead, and sue their pants off.


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