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30 Porsche Taycans Can Take Juice From 3.2-MW Turbo Charging Truck Trailer

Whenever you buy a premium or an exotic car, the vehicle is usually just part of the package – you can end up paying for an entire experience. Automakers know there are big bucks to be had from this sort of projects, so they go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. Even if that means having a Porsche Taycan at 100% charge in the middle of the endless pine forests of Lapland.
Porsche Taycan mobile truck recharge 46 photos
Porsche Taycan Turbo Charging Mobile UnitPorsche Taycan Turbo Charging Mobile UnitPorsche Taycan Turbo Charging Mobile UnitPorsche Taycan Turbo Charging Mobile Unit
The German sports car maker’s first-ever fully electric model, the Taycan, has been neatly integrated in the best possible tradition of the company. People were surprised because the EV sports classic monikers such as the Turbo S appellative, but it is all part of a strategy to show they consider it no different from the 911, for example. It just uses a different power source.

One that, arguably, poses some challenges. For example, Porsche has integrated the Taycan into its extensive roster of programs – from the Track Experiences to the renowned Ice Experience in Finland. And not every location has already set up the necessary charging infrastructure for the electron-harvesting sports car.

Porsche did not relent and came up with a solution – a fleet of stand-alone, high-power charging trucks that act as mobile EV-recharge stations. This is particularly useful whenever there’s a large number of Taycan examples that need a quick, simultaneous recharge of the high-powered battery.

The company enlisted the help of another German firm, called ads-tec and is now the proud owner of seven mobile charging trucks that include a proprietary charging system, a buffer storage unit, and come rated at 3.2 megawatts.

This power rating enables a fleet of ten Taycan units to charge side by side at maximum power, and with the trailer’s own battery storage unit holding no less than 2.1 megawatt-hours it means every unit can charge up to 30 Taycan cars before needing a refill of its own. Porsche has customized the high-powered units for quick recharges – just four hours for a complete top up.

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