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3-Year-Old Scratches 10 New Audis at Dealership, Including a 2020 Q3

Lesson 1 in parenthood: when going places in the company of a toddler, never let them out of your sight for more than 2 seconds. Tops.
Parents forced to pay damages after toddler scratches new 2020 Audi Q3 at dealership 3 photos
Toddler takes stone to "draw" on 10 new Audis at dealership, including a Q3Toddler takes stone to "draw" on 10 new Audis at dealership, including a Q3
You would think every toddler’s parent knows this from experience, but one couple learned this important lesson in the most costly way: after their 3-year-old daughter took a stone to 10 brand new Audis at a dealership in Guilin, China.

The incident actually happened at the end of last month and was settled in court last week, AsiaOne informs, citing local media reports. Mr. Zhao and his wife accompanied a friend to the dealership, and took their toddler along for the ride. While the grown-ups were looking at cars, the girl found a stone and proceeded to “draw” on the cars.

She was able to scratch 10 cars before anyone knew what she was up to, with one of them being the 2020 Audi Q3.

The total cost of damages, according to the dealership, was of 200,000 yuan or about $28,650. Because the scratched cars would need a new coat of paint to cover the girl’s artistic endeavors, they could no longer sell the new cars as “new” because of fraud concerns. The amount asked was supposed to cover the new paint jobs and whatever price reductions they would make for the cars.

When the parents refused to pay, the dealership took them to court. In the end, a judge ruled that the parents would have to pay 70,000 yuan or a little over $10,000, which makes this incident this year’s most expensive visit to a car dealership where you don’t really buy anything.

AsiaOne notes that the judge reminded the couple that excuses like “The child is still young” and “The child doesn’t understand” are “not valid mitigating factors.” You don’t say. The judge also advised them to supervise the young artist better and to teach her to “treasure the things around her better.” These 2 pieces of advice came free of charge, as most good advice does.


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