2JZ-Swapped Lamborghini Gallardo Will Blow Your Mind and Ears

First introduced in the Toyota Aristo in 1991, the 2JZ engine found its way into the Supra in 1993 and quickly became one of the most iconic powerplants ever built. Reliable and capable of generating more than 1,000 horsepower in turbocharged form, the 2JZ has been a popular swap in road-legal cars and drag racers alike for years. But have you seen a 2JZ-powered Lamborghini yet?
2JZ-swapped Lamborghini Gallardo 10 photos
2JZ-swapped Lamborghini Gallardo2JZ-swapped Lamborghini Gallardo2JZ-swapped Lamborghini Gallardo2JZ-swapped Lamborghini Gallardo2JZ-swapped Lamborghini Gallardo2JZ-swapped Lamborghini Gallardo2JZ-swapped Lamborghini Gallardo2JZ-swapped Lamborghini Gallardo2JZ-swapped Lamborghini Gallardo
Of course, you have. We documented the first Lambo with a Supra heart back in 2017. But we now have an even wilder build to show you. Remember Bryce Yeager and his orange Gallardo? He introduced it to the world via his YouTube channel in June 2020, when he also took delivery of a 2JZ engine. It's been 17 months since then, and his crazy build is ready to terrorize public roads.

The Gallardo went through a long series of modifications and it's now finished in a bright shade of blue. But more importantly, a 2JZ stroker and a massive, 85-mm turbocharger occupy the area where the car's original V10 engine used to be.

Now, before you give him heat for removing a perfectly good V10 from a Lambo, you should know that he purchased the Gallardo as a shell. While it still had a transmission, the engine was no longer behind the seats. So it's not a swap as much as it is a second chance for a Gallardo that had no future.

But this is more than just a Lambo with a Supra engine atop the rear axle. It's a solid custom build that proves anything is possible with the right tools and enough ambition.

If it seems that this Gallardo is longer than usual, you're right. Bryce had to extend the frame for the 2JZ to fit, so the rear wheels were moved rearward as well. Fitting that massive turbo and a new rear suspension led to the removal of the entire rear shell, so everything is fully exposed beyond the quarter windows.

It's a rather extreme take on a road-going car, but it looks insanely cool in my book because I just love fat rear tires in the open. And the carbon-fiber rear wing and the X-shaped element that fills the gap between the exposed exhaust pipes and the diffuser give this build a really unique look.

But modifications go beyond the rear section. The Gallardo sports a revised front fascia with carbon-fiber inserts on the hood, as well as 3D-printed front fenders with race-inspired louvers.

The interior, on the other hand, is a massive departure from the stock Gallardo. The door panels have been stripped off and fitted with glass panels, a feature seemingly inspired by the McLaren Senna. The original dashboard and center console are gone. Additions include race-spec seats, a roll cage, and a see-through firewall with removal panels for easy access to the front section of the engine.

How powerful is this contraption, you ask? Well, the owner says that the turbocharged 2JZ would be good for 1,500 horsepower in the current setup, but he's keeping it detuned to "only" 1,000 horses for reliability purposes. All that oomph hits the wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox, so this build also comes with row-your-own fun.

To round things off, the 2JZ sounds a lot meaner than a Lamborghini V10 engine and it's significantly louder too. You can hear it rev in the video below, which shows the Supra-powered Gallardo making a name for itself as the 2021 SEMA Show.

And don't bother telling Bryce that a Lamborghini and a 2JZ have no business together, it's these types of comments that convinced him to do the swap. Because conventional projects are boring. Now crank up the volume and hit play.

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