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2JZ-Powered Jeep Cherokee Does a Burnout in RWD Mode

Toyota's 2JZ engine has reached so many platforms over the years that the Supra, which made it famous, now only makes for a small part of this suck-squeeze-bang-blow kingdom. As such, the 2JZ-animated Jeep we're here to show you shouldn't come as a surprise.
2JZ-Powered Jeep Cherokee 6 photos
2JZ-Powered Jeep Cherokee2JZ-Powered Jeep Cherokee2JZ-Powered Jeep Cherokee2JZ-Powered Jeep Cherokee2JZ-Powered Jeep Cherokee
We're looking at a Cherokee belonging to the XJ generation and while the affordable nature of the SUV means many regard it as a budget option, the example we have here is quite the opposite.

As you'll notice in the pice of footage at the bottom of the page, the engine compartment of this Jeep Cherokee now holds a 2JZ motor accompanied by a turbocharger the size of a volleyball.

And the newfound muscle of the Jeep is put to honing use, with the Cherokee delivering a delicious burnout in the final part of the video. Heck, judging by the soundtrack delivered by the high-riding machine, this doesn't even break a sweat while roasting its rear tires.

As for how the machine puts the power down, we're not expecting the high-riding machine to have lost its all-wheel-drive mode.

Speaking of which, the various mods fitted to the car, such as the lift kit present on the vehicle, point out to offroading use. Sure, the SUV might have been built for such purposes, but we need to point out that its current tech setup doesn't exactly make it suitable for such adventures.

Going past the meaty tires and the generous ground clearance of the vehicle, we must also consider the power delivery.

With the Toyota mill of the thing packing a single turbo that comes in a hefty size, we're obviously dealing with a serious amount of lag, followed by a hefty boost delivery. And that's not exactly what you want when you're playing the delicate terrain-taming game.


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