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$25K 5-Speed 572 '68 Sportwagon 'Vette Waiting for a Buyer

Surprisingly, auctioning this automotive symphony on Bring a Trailer for just $25.000 failed to get it a new owner. And it's not that it has some hidden – or visible – flaws. Quite the contrary, the modified convertible looks majestic (see the photo gallery and the video at the bottom of this article).
68 572 Chevrolet Corvette Sportwagon 8 photos
68 572 Corvette Shooting-Brake68 572 Corvette Shooting-Brake68 572 Corvette Shooting-Brake68 572 Corvette Shooting-Brake68 572 Corvette Shooting-Brake68 572 Corvette Shooting-Brake68 572 Corvette Shooting-Brake
Frankly, there is little to nothing to hold against this car. Alright, maybe the shooting-brake allure is not everyone's cup of tea, but let's be honest: she's got head-turning looks!

Rear fender flares, removable targa panel, fixed under-bumper front headlights. Hunching over the hood is a massive cowl-induction high-rise (we'll return to it shortly). According to the vendor, the chrome finish is "showroom-quality", and the video proves his point. The car is shining. push-button doors, the 572 branding, and dual mirrors up the cool factor of this beauty of a beast.

And we got to the goodies: 572 cubic inches of All-American V8 might that send 707 horses to the manual 5-speed gearbox. Remember the big hood? It serves cool high-pressure air to the 1,150 cfm Dominator, and the high-rise houses the big carburetor. Manual disc brakes on all wheels complete the menu for this 'Vette.

This offer sounds even better through the dual-side pipes (check the video at the end of this story), which pay homage to the 9.3-liter growling ogre. The mileage is as irrelevant as cargo bay space, for this behemoth is highly out of tune with today's gas prices. The 2013 engine rebuild includes a series of replacements - valve seals and valve-guide liner, oil pump, timing chain gears, and cylinder-head and intake-manifold gaskets – and balancing the crankshaft and a minor cylinder-head resurfacing (you'll find more details here).

This modified C3 Corvette is now offered in Florida with records, parts literature, period publications, a 1968 Corvette assembly manual, and a clean Arizona title. 85k miles on the clock, black vinyl interior with a matching dash pad, and carpeting overlaid with branded mats. The asked price of $25,000 was not met, and the seller, bulletmotorsportsinc, emphasized that there were no shill biddings for the car. Nonetheless, the owner has high hopes about getting his money shortly.

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