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250F: The Real Maserati Racer

The Maserati GranTurismo is fine if you’re not comparing it to a BMW M3, and the Quattroporte is brilliant if you’ve never heard of German build quality. Fiat is using this once all-mighty brand asa a sort of bridge between really expensive Alfas and cheaper Ferraris. It’s a shame really.
250F 1 photo
That’s because before there ever was a Lamborghini, before Audi had ever made a supercar, the Maserati brand was among the biggest in the world.

To a 15 year old with pimples, this car looks like every other old racer, but to his grandpa, it evokes memories of Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss, both of whom race the 250F.

This is the car in which Fangio won his first two victories in 1954 before going to Mercedes. Just look at its independent wishbone suspension and tell us you wouldn’t want to have one, even for a day.

Photo via Atomic Racing Red


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