$250,000 Bentley Flying Spur Crashes into (The Not so Great) Chinese Wall

Even though Rolls-Royce tries to make it look as if it's playing at a higher level, the legendary British brand is disputing the title for the most luxurious carmaker coming from the United Kingdom.
Bentley Flying Spur crash 4 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Bentley Flying Spur crashBentley Flying Spur crashBentley Flying Spur crash
With BMW owning Rolls-Royce and Volkswagen Group having secured Bentley in its portfolio, the two are just as much German as they are British these days. But in spite of the so-called globalization, both manage to maintain that feel of a car made by people who still stop to have their tea at five o'clock.

Of course, becoming part of such an exclusive club as that of Bentley or Rolls-Royce owners comes with a price - one with a lot of figures. If you think Mercedes-Benz cars are expensive, you now know how a Mercedes-Benz owner feels about these two.

But having the money to buy them has never meant you actually should do it, or that you're ready to be entrusted with such a responsibility. Sure, the car is insured and they weigh almost as much as a tank, so unless you come across an armored vehicle, it's unlikely that you'll get hurt, but your ego isn't as safe.

Being expensive and exclusive, these cars attract viewers everywhere they go. That means you're likely to have at least a pair of eyes on you at any time, so every move you make will be closely monitored. And any mistake you make will be dearly savored by that envy you for your financial wealth.

Well, after this episode, we doubt anyone would have wanted to trade places with the lady in question. Probably not used to doing things herself, she passes the parking lot ticket dispenser. Instead of backing up - we all know reversing is tricky for some - she gets out of the car to walk back to the machine.

Big mistake, as it turns out. The (at least) $250,000 Bentley Flying Spur does what every other car left in Neutral would do, and starts rolling away. The woman and all her 100 pounds of muscle, attempt to stop the car by acting as an external ground friction brake.

Her plan fails, but not before she's sent rolling on the parking garage's floor. She does get to have those terrible few moments when you're left contemplating the inevitable as the Bentley rushes toward the wall. Luckily, the building did not fall, even though the woman might have wished it did at that time.

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