$25,000 Tesla Model 2 Hatchback Rendered, Could Be "Cheaper Than a VW Golf"

The Tesla Model 2 is one of the most exciting cars of this decade. Not only is it supposed to bring electric mobility to the masses with its $25,000 base price, but it could also revolutionize the way EVs are made.
$25,000 Tesla Model 2 Hatchback Rendered, Is "Cheaper Than a VW Golf" 2 photos
Photo: Carwow
$25,000 Tesla Model 2 Hatchback Rendered, Is "Cheaper Than a VW Golf"
Let's be honest here; the price is more of a marketing hook from Tesla. They do that all the time, offering a base model that nobody wants or you can't even find, only for it to be discontinued later. The Model 2 will realistically cost at least $30,000, but that's still pretty good, considering you're getting access to the Tesla suite of technology and presumably access to the Supercharger network too.

Think of it as the iPhone SE of Teslas—accessories not included, low-resolution screen and less power, but still decent. And one corner that will apparently be cut is the shape of the car. All signs point toward the Model 2 being a hatchback, which these renderings from Carwow do a pretty good job of previewing. The familiar shape of a Model 3 sedan is shortened to make something reminiscent of a VW Golf.

Speaking of which, Carwow also claims that the new EV will be cheaper than a VW Golf, based on direct currency conversion. However, that shouldn't really be the case. For the record, Volkswagen does make a new all-electric Golf-sized car, the ID.3 based on the same platform as the ID.4 crossover.

The ID.3 will be one of the many direct rivals to the Model 2, but mainly in Europe. This car is off-limits to Americans, leaving the Nissan Leaf as the main rival. We expect it also to steal customers from small crossovers and regular Japanese sedans.

So why would a Tesla thrive in a market where hatchbacks traditionally wither and die? Well, there's the promise of new technology. The automaker is developing a fresh battery system, which could be slightly cheaper to make and safer. The cell packs will also have a structural role in the chassis, reducing the number of parts.

Performance is also on the table. Sure, the Model 2 won't have the AWD monster launches of its bigger brothers. But it promises to be faster than your average cheap car, be that a Nissan Leaf or a Volkswagen Golf.

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