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2,400 HP T1 Nissan GT-R Flexes Its Twin-Turbo Muscles Chasing a 6s Quarter-Mile

The people in the Nissan GT-R aftermarket community have one hell of an unspoken bet, as tuners and customers alike plan to hit the six-second quarter-mile barrier well before the Japanese carmaker introduces the next-generation Godzilla.
2,400 HP T1 Nissan GT-R drag racing 6 photos
2,400 HP T1 Nissan GT-R drag racing2,400 HP T1 Nissan GT-R drag racing2,400 HP T1 Nissan GT-R drag racing2,400 HP T1 Nissan GT-R drag racing2,400 HP T1 Nissan GT-R drag racing
R35 GTs are now sitting extremely close to the said target, with the current 1,320 feet record sitting at 7.01s - last time we documented such an adventure, which was about one month ago, AMS Performance's Alpha G missile managed to bring the record back to the U.S. with a 7.14s sprint (more on this below).

We are now back on the topic to show you another American GT-R chasing the same target, namely T1 Race's Nissan. The machine, which sits at the north of 2,400 ponies, is currently working to reach its goal, with the piece of footage at the bottom of the page showing you exavtly what the training for such a run means. Spoiler alert: no matter how many horses you throw at the prepped surface of the drag strip, such a fight isn't easy.

Much to the delight of our popcorn machines, the R35 Nissan GT-R qurter-mile record has become a global battle. While at least three US tuners are involved in this velocity conflict, Bahrain-based Ekanoo Racing is also on the map. The team has held the record for quite a while this year, but it looks like the American developers are determined to be the first that bring the GT-R into the six-second arena.Here's a bonus for all you speed freaks out there
As for the trap speeds, we can consider the amazing values GT-Rs reach nowadays as a bonus - the Nissan-badged monsters have long gone past the 200 mph mark, with the highest trap speed we are aware of sitting at 212 mph (this was recorded during the Alpha G stunt mentioned above).

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