2025 Golf R Clubsport Rumored As the VW Hot Hatch To Rule Them All

2025 VW Golf R - Teaser 8 photos
Photo: Volkswagen
2025 VW Golf R - Teaser2025 VW Golf R - Teaser2025 VW Golf R - Teaser2025 VW Golf R - Teaser2025 VW Golf R - Teaser2025 VW Golf R - Teaser2025 VW Golf R - Teaser
Volkswagen has a brand-new toy for driving enthusiasts: the Golf GTI Clubsport. However, true fans of the brand based in Wolfsburg know that the best is yet to come: the facelifted Golf R.
The 2025 VW Golf R's unveiling should be right around the corner, and while it will position itself in a superior league compared to the lesser Golf GTI and Golf GTI Clubsport by featuring an all-wheel drive system, more power, a tweaked chassis, revised styling, and so on, it might not be the company's most exciting hot hatch.

A recent report based on a VW spokesperson's statement states that an even hotter version of the 2025 Golf R could be in the works. The model might add the Clubsport suffix, just like its front-wheel-drive sibling, and chances are it might receive additional chassis tweaks over the regular Golf R, as well as some stylistic changes inside and out. More power should also be on the menu.

"There's another interesting car we are working on at the moment. They are thinking about and working on a Clubsport version of the Golf R," VW's spokesperson, Martin Hube, told Car&Driver. "We will have an AWD, more track-oriented version, and then the standard Golf R, too. On the one hand, it's a torquey, road-going sports car. On the other hand, because it's a bit heavier, it's not a track tool."

2025 VW Golf R \- Teaser
Photo: Volkswagen
What does that mean? If it is indeed happening, the Golf R Clubsport won't be the first choice when it comes to driving at the racetrack. The added weight of the all-wheel drive system and other upgrades won't make it a featherweight in its class. Nevertheless, it should be a great driver's car and a very good daily. We won't be surprised if they limit the production to only a few copies that may or may not end up in the New World – we hope they do.

But is Volkswagen really ready to launch the Golf R Clubsport? In theory, yes, in practice, no. The company's management board still has to approve this project, and since it will inevitably eat several million dollars in development, its future is uncertain. VW is not willing to risk a large amount of money to launch a product that's not a crossover, as most new car buyers only go for vehicles with large ground clearances and hot hatches are not as popular as they were.

Thus, everything stands in the decision the company's execs will have to make, and we hope they give it the green light for production. After all, the car world needs more exciting models, including hot hatches. So, would you buy one if they launch it and bring it to our shores?
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