2024 Peugeot 2008 Prototype Spied for the First Time, Bears Thick Camouflage

Peugeot is reportedly working on the successor of the 2008, which might retain this name, and we have fresh images. This looks like an early mule, but a functional one, nonetheless, which was spotted while driving near the Arctic Circle. Its story is a bit more complicated than you would expect.
2024 Peugeot 2008 prototype 12 photos
Photo: S.Baldauf/SB-Medien
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As you can observe after going through the photos in the gallery, there are not that many clues that link this vehicle to the Peugeot brand. Sure, we have a portion of the front grille that is visible and it resembles the pattern used by the Sochaux brand, as well as a set of headlights that may look like they come from Peugeot, but might as well be from something else.

Fortunately, there was one giveaway of the identity of this vehicle, and that was the kind of element that most people will not think twice about. You will miss it immediately if it is taken from your vehicle, but there are many people out there who may not care. With the riddle out of the way, we are referring to the badge on the center cap of the alloy wheels.

Just one of the wheels on the vehicle still had its Peugeot-badged center cap. It is unclear why someone went through the trouble of removing the other three and somehow forgot to remove the fourth. But it happened anyway, and thanks to that, we know what the upcoming Peugeot 2008 will be like. This model is reportedly built in Argentina, and its internal-combustion-engined versions come with a turbocharged engine made by Fiat.

It is clear as daylight that we are dealing with a crossover, again, so there is no sudden change of heart for the carmaker. With crossovers that have an SUV-style look being as popular as they are today, it is a small wonder that manufacturers are still doing anything else.

For the sake of diversity in the automotive world, we can only hope that other body styles will continue to be at least as popular as they are today in the future as well.

This test mule is covered in camouflage, and its body has large elements in key areas, such as the bumpers, fenders, and even its doors, so we cannot distinguish any relevant features. Fortunately for us, we will continue to see prototypes as they get developed, so it is just a matter of time until the finished product is revealed.

We do know that the model is built on the CMP platform and that it is set to be offered in South America in a more affordable version with less expensive materials. It will arrive this year in markets like Argentina, sources claim.

The sighting of the next-generation Peugeot 2008 came on the day when the French firm announced its E-Lion Project. The latter is a plan that involves launching five electric vehicles in the next two years.

Yes, the peeps at Peugeot are going to be busy in the next 24 months, and the firm also wants to introduce a 48-volt hybrid system for the models that are not EVs.

We already know that Peugeot intends to make all the passenger cars sold in its European lineup electric vehicles by 2030, so the hybrids will eventually become the last internal combustion-engined vehicles in the range.

This will be a process that takes time, so do not expect an overnight shift, as each model involved has a predetermined production life, which needs to happen to ensure that it has the best chance at achieving its sales goal and ensuring it covers the development cost.
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