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2024 Mercedes C-Class EV to Feature Coupe-like Styling, Improved Comfort and Great Range

It might feel as though Mercedes are trailing several of their rivals when it comes to battery electric power, but if you’ve been paying close attention, it’s obvious that the Stuttgart titan is keen to catch up with the likes of Tesla and the VW Group.
Mercedes C-Class EV rendering 7 photos
Mercedes C-Class EV renderingMercedes C-Class EV renderingMercedes C-Class EV rendering2022 Mercedes C300e PHEV2022 Mercedes C300e PHEV2022 Mercedes C300e PHEV
Not that long ago, you couldn’t even buy a fully electric Benz, whereas today, things are very different. European buyers can already choose between the EQC, EQE, EQS, EQS SUV, EQA, EQB and the EQV, whereas in the United States, the only available EQ-range car is the all-new EQS, priced from $102,310.

That being said, we’re most excited about a model that has yet to debut, which is the fully electric variant of the C-Class. According to Autocar, this vehicle will be quite different compared to the latest-generation C-Class, from pretty much all standpoints.

The C-Class EV will ride on the carmaker’s dedicated MMA platform, which means that it should have all the tools necessary to challenge the likes of the Tesla Model 3, BMW i4 and Polestar 2 for segment supremacy.

Last year, Mercedes’ COO Markus Schafer told the British outlet that while the MMA platform will be used mainly for compact models, it still “has the potential to reach into the mid-size segment as well.”

Furthermore, Mercedes execs have reportedly hinted at the Mercedes-Benz EQXX concept being more closely related to the C-Class EV than any other upcoming model, and while we don’t expect the C-Class EV to look a lot like the EQXX (seen as how it’s still a C-Class), it should still feature a leaner exterior design compared to its internal combustion engine-powered sibling.

We can’t wait to see what the final product is going to look like – not to mention how impressive its specs are going to be. However, if you’re unable to wait another year or two and you absolutely must have an electrified C-Class today, the best you can do is the C300e variant, which is a plug-in hybrid with a generous 60-miles (100 km) of EV range.

Of course, you could also just get an EQE and be done with internal combustion power forever. Just saying.


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