2024 Bounder Is the "Gold Standard" of Fresh, Boundless, and Spacious On-Road Living

With the new year just approaching, it's time to look out for what manufacturers have in store. In this spirit, I invite you to explore the 2024 Bounder motorhome, a machine designed to be way more than just a habitat on wheels. Just so we're on the same page, this version is being called the "gold standard."
2024 Bounder 33C 10 photos
Photo: Fleetwood RV / REV Group
2024 Bounder 33C2024 Bounder 33C2024 Bounder 33C2024 Bounder 33C2024 Bounder 33C2024 Bounder 33C2024 Bounder 33C2024 Bounder 33C2024 Bounder 33C
Folks, the massive machine you see in the image gallery - check it out if you haven't already - is dubbed the Bounder; no idea why, but it could have something to do with it offering boundless adventure. Sure, you won't be seeing a 2024 Bounder romping across the desert on some expedition, but you will see it hauling butt down North and South American roads and playing the role of a full-blown and on-road home.

Before I tackle this motorhome, let me point out a bit about the crew behind the magic, Fleetwood RV, the one and the same that's part of America's REV group, a crew that's currently in the control of 29 brands spread out around the US and employing over 7,400 staff members. In short, they're one of the big ones.

Now, in order to give you a decent understanding of what's in store for the new year, allow me to invite you on a short and imaginary journey into a life lived out of the 2024 Bounder. Sure, I could run through a list of features, but that would be boring and take forever and be rather boring, too.

First of all, you need to consider how much you'll be spending on the Bounder, and out of the four available floor plans, the 33C is the least expensive, seizing at least $239,500 (€223K at current exchange rates) of your hard-earned cash. It's time to see what's in store for the price it takes to put your kid through four years of college.

2024 Bounder 33C
Photo: Fleetwood RV / REV Group
I want you to imagine that you've just spent the cash I mentioned above on one of these babies, and it's now sitting in your driveway, being loaded up with your goods and gear. Maybe you're doing this at the dealership, having sold the house just to buy this bugger, and are loading up the Bounder with gear out of a U-Haul; just kidding.

Once you've packed the belly of this beast, it's time to hit the road. Next stop? Wherever you want, as long as there's a road, the Bounder will get you there. It achieves this with the help of a Ford F-53 chassis with a 7.3 L V8 engine pushing out 335 ponies and 468 lb-ft of torque. Best of all, that chassis can handle a hitched trailer or other contraption, just hanging off the back and along for the ride.

After driving for what may seem like hours, you finally arrive on the edge of that beach you've marked on your map. If you're like me, the edge of some mountain treeline is where you'll find me. But, once you've stretched your legs and agreed with the group that this is where you'll be spending the next days, it's time to unfurl Bounder's magic.

At this stage in our journey, you'll sit back and watch your unit explode into a menacing figure with countless slide-out sections. Depending on the floorplan you choose, you'll find galleys or living rooms set up on these movable platforms, but all units place a king bed upon a slide-out.

With everything now in place, let's head inside and get a taste of the finer things this life has to offer. If you're like me, upon seeing the interior of the newer models, in particular, the 33C we display in the gallery, you'll feel like you just stepped into the living room of a suburban home.

2024 Bounder 33C
Photo: Fleetwood RV / REV Group
Be sure to take in the modular booth dinette, theater seating behind, sitting viz-a-vis the entertainment center with fireplace and hidden TV, and the clear walking space that runs clean through the unit. Grab a drink from the fridge, maybe stir whatever you're cooking in the frying pan, and mess around with the interior temperature settings.

Need to take a hot shower? Go for it! Would you like to rest after the long drive? That king bed is waiting for you. All the while, the kids are running around outside, and your significant other is kicking back and having a cup of tea while viewing the local surroundings through the large windows all around the Bounder.

On your nap, you forget to set your alarm, and your loved ones let you rest until the next day when you're woken up by the sound of birds chirping around outside and little claws pattering around on the roof; it's a nice change. With a rested soul, you open the doors and windows to your Bounder, let some fresh air into the space, and step outside to get ready for the day. A bit of morning yoga or a cigarette and coffee are the next steps.

From here, I'm going to let you create the rest of this daydream. After all, only you know how you like to live your life, and the 2024 Bounder seems to be the sort of machine to allow you to do just that. What are you driving around in during next year's glamping season?
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