2023 Raptor Toy Haulers Will Make You Forget You Ever Paid Over $160K for a Mobile Garage

There's no shame in not being the most adventurous human around. After all, adrenaline isn't everyone's cup of tea. But, for people that live and breathe adventure, even going as far as sleeping with their vehicles in the same room, there are fifth wheels and toy haulers.
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Photo: Keystone RV Company / Edited by autoevolution
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Folks, when compared to brands like Airstream and Winnebago, Keystone RV comes across as one of the new kids on the block. Having been around only since 1996, you can understand why I call them that. However, this kid is a savant. Because they hit the industry only a couple of decades ago, they could amass knowledge from all those previous brands and customer experiences (market research). As a result, they climbed to the top of the RV ladder. Let's take the Raptor as a perfect example of how Keystone likes to roll.

Now, this brand of toy hauler has been around since 2004, meaning it had almost two decades of research and development poured into it, maybe even more if you count the years before it appeared. All that has led to 11 available floorplans with a little something for everyone, and I mean everyone! These buggers are massive, filled with all the creature comforts to make you feel like you're at home, and can accommodate up to seven people and a few vehicles too.

But they aren't cheap. Prices for a fresh raptor start at around $136K (€127K at current exchange rates) and can extend beyond $160K (€149K). Once you factor in little extras you may want... you can understand where I'm going with this. Don't give up on the Raptor just yet. It may prove to be more of a T-Rex by the time you've explored what's possible.

To keep things as simple as I can, I've chosen to bring to light the newest floorplan that Keystone has unveiled for the Raptor, the 424. I've added images of other floorplans, too, and will describe what can be achieved with some of the wilder ones. But first, what makes a toy hauler what it is?

Raptor Toy Hauler Garage Lounge \(424\)
Photo: Keystone RV Company
If you guessed the ability to haul toys, you'd be 100% correct. And so, we begin our journey at the rear of this machine. It's here that you'll be able to access a 13 ft (3.9 m) garage space with a floor decking that comes with a 25-year warranty. 5,000 lb (2,268 kg) tie-downs are welded right onto the Raptor's frame. Best of all, the ramp door can also be used as a patio for outdoor gatherings and parties.

I love this feature because it offers a wide range of possible activities. Sure, you can load and unload vehicles with ease and party until the sun rises, but I find that this space is perfect with a couple of sleeping bags, a telescope, and a loved one. What a way to fall asleep. With those guard rails raised, you'll sleep easy, knowing critters won't be crawling around you while you catch those Zs.

Speaking of catching Zs, there's a bed sitting above the garage and another twin-bed loft area. Then there's the large king-bed suite at the front of the 424 and a modular sofa in the living room. That'll do it for seven folks. Let's remember the two or three crashing out on the patio. Heck, some of the floorplans include another patio area on the side of the unit. Yet another place to dump your kids if they get rowdy.

Now, for the remainder of the 424's interior, I want to attract your attention to the image gallery. Here, I want you to imagine waking up on that king bed. Grab some clothes from the wardrobe, and stroll into that large walk-in shower. Feel like watching the morning news while drinking a cup of hot Joe? The living room is the place for that. You'll see your TV rise out of the furniture at the press of a button.

Raptor Toy Hauler Interior \(424\)
Photo: Keystone RV Company
Still, something is missing. Where is everyone? After all, the smell of bacon in the air tells you there's been movement this morning. Heading towards the rear of the unit, you pass the large residential appliances the living space has to offer, another bathroom, and once you open the door to the garage, your ears are flooded with laughter. Everyone is hanging out on the patio, waiting for you to wear your protective gear for the morning ride. Just five more minutes to take in the morning sun and dew-filled meadow.

Final preparations include you readying your ATVs or motorcycles with fuel, checking that all systems are in working order, and with some whoops and hollers, you're off into the dawn of a new day. In the wake, your Raptor will be there waiting for your return to refuel you and your vehicles so that you can do it all over again. Since mama bear stayed home to unleash master chef skills, everyone has a warm meal before a siesta.

The evening closes with a fireplace, s'mores, and even that telescope I mentioned. If you time your travels right, you'll be able to catch some of the annual meteor showers that happen around our blue marble. I bet you forgot all about the prices for one of these dream machines. Just a little something-something to think about.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Raptor model years and interiors.

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