2023 Range Rover Sport First Edition in Firenze Red Looks Expensive and Exquisite

If you’re in the market for an SUV, then you might think about Land Rover’s Range Rover Sport. It’s something that surely warrants shortlisting, so here’s an in-detail look that can help you make the right decision. But you may want to think twice before pulling the trigger for a similar model like this one.
2023 Range Rover Sport First Edition 9 photos
2023 Range Rover Sport First Edition2023 Range Rover Sport First Edition2023 Range Rover Sport First Edition2023 Range Rover Sport First Edition2023 Range Rover Sport First Edition2023 Range Rover Sport First Edition2023 Range Rover Sport First Edition2023 Range Rover Sport First Edition
SUVs and crossovers are incredibly popular now. Riding high and enjoying a better all-around view are advantages some of these vehicles can have. However, you may compromise on sportiness and efficiency. Still, if your mind is already made, then Land Rover makes some of the most interesting SUVs out there. Better yet, the brand’s units are known to come with off-road capabilities and can double as luxury vehicles at any time, almost anywhere.

So, apart from the poor reputation for reliability, there aren’t many disadvantages that could sway one away from joining the fancy club of Range Rover customers. The British brand champions good looks and cabins that come with a premium feel throughout. Plus, the Range Rover has a couple of very cool BMW-derived powertrains.

Most people think of the four-door Defender or the fully-fledged British behemoth that is the Range Rover instead of the Range Rover Sport. However, the new model is not something that can be easily ignored. The proof is this 2023 model year unit that comes equipped with all the goodies included in the First Edition Pack. Plus, the exterior finished in Firenze Red gives the SUV a dazzling, yet elegant look. It’s just enough to not stand out too much, but also doesn’t entertain the idea of blending with the other grayish cars out there.

So, what would you find on a First Edition unit? Well, many things! However, the most important are:
  • digital headlights with image projection;
  • contrasting roof;
  • sliding panoramic roof;
  • tinted windows;
  • 23-inch alloy wheels with black brake calipers;
  • interior lighting with four-zone climate control;
  • heated, ventilated, and massaging front seats with 22-way adjustability;
  • Meridian 3D sound system;
  • advanced driver-assistance systems like cruise control with steering assist or remote park assist;
  • air suspension;
  • all-wheel steering;
  • torque vectoring by braking
  • an electronic active differential.

Practically, it does not get any better than this. Picking a Range Rover Sport First Edition is like getting the entire dinner course, not just the entree. Land Rover stepped up its game, that's for sure. The current lineup shows us that the Indian investment is working and the company is now on track to even become one of the major players in the EV space. Even though other automakers are already pumping out battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) like there's no tomorrow, Land Rover is testing out various powertrains in its home country and it might impress with how they will be displayed on the upcoming 2024 model year units.

Still, the one you’re about to admire in detail down below might not be the one you want. Powered by a 345 hp (350 ps) six-cylinder mild hybrid diesel engine, the all-wheel-drive SUV can reach a top speed of 145 mph (234 kph) and needs 6 seconds to accelerate to 62 mph (100 kph) from a standstill.

Although economical, diesel engines are not well-known for being silent. But adding the mild hybrid technology makes sense. Diesel-powered cars produce more torque at low rpms and are efficient on long trips. Adding a small battery and a motor integrated into the automatic gearbox further enhance these advantages and, when the vehicles are driven accordingly, can even decrease the CO2 emissions.

The P510e plug-in hybrid with 503 hp (510 ps) and up to 70 mi (113 km) of pure electric range or the V8-powered P530 with 522 hp (530 ps) might be better options for you, depending on how much you plan on driving this Land Rover.

At the end of the day, the Range Rover Sport still looks incredibly attractive in Firenze Red. This color deserves some consideration! It really complements this vehicle’s body.

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