2023 Jeep Wagoneer Luxury Truck Rendering Actually Makes Sense

The Wrangler was one of Jeep's main money-makers, but now that the Ford Bronco is out, this iconic off-road brand seems more interested in different segments. One example of this is the Wagoneer, which moved from concept to production a little quicker than expected.
2023 Jeep Wagoneer Luxury Truck Rendering Actually Makes Sense 2 photos
2023 Jeep Wagoneer Luxury Truck Rendering Actually Makes Sense
It's really interesting that full-sized SUVs are being pushed out at roughly the same time as the Grand Cherokee. There's even a Grand Cherokee L with a three-row layout, but while the two both offer high levels of American luxury, there's one big difference.

The Grand Cherokee is supposed to compete with the mid-sized SUV boys, like the Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot, or the hugely popular Kia Telluride. As such, it's got unibody construction for better road manners. But the two 2022 Wagoneer models have body-on-frame construction, three rows of seats, and full-size capability. They're going after things like the Cadillac Escalade, the Chevy Tahoe, or the GMC Yukon.

We all know GM also makes pickup trucks based on those platforms. The Silverados and Sierras are getting ever more expensive too, which means Jeep could theoretically have a profitable Wrangler-based truck.

Such a thing is depicted in this simple, clean rendering by Kleber Silva. While the Wrangler's front end isn't designed for a utility vehicle, this still helps us imagine the product, powerful, classy, and a competent off-road vehicle.

When we're talking Hellcat-powered Chryslers or Ram sedans, there's a clear separation between the brands which stops the concept from being believable. But that's somehow not the case with Jeep. The 4x4 brand somehow got access to the Hellcat engine, received by the Trackhawk, and offers its own truck, the popular Gladiator.

Also, we can say "1968 Kaiser-Jeep J2000 Gladiator," and you'll picture a classy old half-ton pickup connected to the Wagoneer series. There really isn't any downside to this, not even for the Ram brand, which might be able to lessen its development costs.


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