2023 Ford Fusion/Mondeo Successor Drops All Camo Using a Heavy Dose of CGI

It appears that the Ford Fusion/Mondeo does have a future indeed, outside the People’s Republic, that is, because Ford has the Evos to cater to the needs of its customers living in the Asian country. Proof stand the several prototypes spotted in markets outside China these past few months.
2023 Ford Fusion / Mondeo Rendering 6 photos
2023 Ford Fusion / Mondeo Rendering2023 Ford Fusion / Mondeo Rendering2023 Ford Fusion / Mondeo Rendering2023 Ford Fusion / Mondeo Rendering2023 Ford Fusion / Mondeo Rendering
Our latest sighting of the car dates back to last week, when a prototype was seen testing somewhere in the United States. It clearly has a few things in common with China’s Evos, including part of the front end, with those slender LED headlights flanking the big grille. The side mirror caps are also shared with its overseas sibling, and once the camo starts coming off, it should reveal a similar overall design.

However, unlike the Evos, which is marketed as a crossover coupe, the latest prototype of the car looks more like a midsize sedan/liftback. It rides closer to the ground and has a different back end, as well as a normal trunk lid instead of a tailgate. The thin taillights are joined together by a light strip, another similarity to the Evos, albeit on a more down-to-earth scale. It is likely that the model will display its name in the middle of the trunk lid, but we don’t know yet what it will be called.

In fact, we don’t know much about it at all, but then again, neither do our friends at Kolesa, who have put their Photoshop skills to good use. Inspired by the latest tester, they have imagined the vehicle as a crossover coupe, with a slightly jacked up ground clearance, plastic cladding on the lower parts of the body, and several other elements that make it look even more similar to the Evos.

Whether it will look anything like these renderings remains to be seen, but on a more positive note, we are almost certain at this point that Ford will launch it as a successor to the Fusion in North America and Mondeo in Europe. Whether it will be a crossover coupe or a liftback with more inches under its belly than the old midsize car is another question whose answer is only known by the people behind the project. So, would you want it to look like this?


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