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2023 BMW M3 Touring Configurator Goes Live, We Designed Our Own
The 2023 M3 Touring Competition with M xDrive has a starting price of £83,470 ($93,068) in the UK. Now that the configurator is online, we decided to create one for ourselves. But in doing so, we kept you and various other aspects in mind. Here’s what you need to know about this special wagon.

2023 BMW M3 Touring Configurator Goes Live, We Designed Our Own

autoevolution's 2023 BMW M3 Touring Competitionautoevolution's 2023 BMW M3 Touring Competitionautoevolution's 2023 BMW M3 Touring Competitionautoevolution's 2023 BMW M3 Touring Competitionautoevolution's 2023 BMW M3 Touring Competitionautoevolution's 2023 BMW M3 Touring Competition
Even though it is a high-performance vehicle that has been built to offer the best possible thrills on the track, we anticipate that this BMW will spend most of its life in normal traffic and on various long-distance trips. So, instead of splurging on an extraordinary paint job like the Frozen Portimao Blue metallic that costs £2,985 ($3,328) and it’s very expensive to correct, we went for something a little bit safer and a lot cheaper – the Isle of Man Green metallic that is offered as a no-cost option!

If you’re picky, then you should go for the Individual Visualizer and get the exact color you like. But buyer beware, the delivery window is most likely going to change, and it will also cost you a pretty penny.

Next, we must pick the wheels. Sadly, BMW doesn’t offer a gold option right away. To get the Frozen Gold wheels you must pay more as they are an M Performance option. So, to keep a good, contrasting look, we picked the Jet Black Double-spoke style 826 M forged alloy wheels. When looking at it from the side, the blacked-out portions of the wagon look insanely good and allow the beautiful green color to pop out.Practicality is nothing without a little bit of style
Moving on to the interior, we imagined this car as a daily driver. You don’t buy a wagon to keep it in the garage, right? That left us with only one, very uninspiring, and boring option – black. But it’s not good enough for such a wild car. So, we compromised and went with Yas Marina Blue and Black extended Merino leather with Yellow accents for just £300 ($334) more. It gives the cabin a more joyous appearance, while not making your life harder when there is cleaning to be done.

Now, we reached the optional extras on BMW UK's configurator. We checked the Comfort, Visibility, Technology, M Driver’s, and M Pro packs which added £14,330 ($15,978) to the price. But in doing so, our wagon will have a suite of useful upgrades. It gets a heated steering wheel, keyless access and smart unlocking, anti-slip rails in the trunk to keep luggage in check while accelerating, awesome laser headlights with blue accents, advanced driver assistance software, and carbon ceramic brakes with good-looking gold calipers.

We skipped the very expensive M Carbon Pack. It doesn’t change much when it comes to weight and adds those uncomfortable bucket seats that aren’t meant for longer journeys.

Surprisingly, BMW UK charges £300 for the anniversary M badges. We did not want them in the first place, so we didn’t tick that box.Let’s wrap it up
A thing that’s missing here is a moonroof. It makes sense to not have it on a performance-oriented vehicle, but some customers could’ve enjoyed letting more air into their wagon’s cabin. Also, why is there no manual gearbox option?

Moreover, other markets (like Switzerland, for example) could have access to different options. Unlike what BMW offers in the UK, the Swiss can also opt for shadow line headlamps, passenger window sunshades, and more interior leather options.

The start of production for the 510-HP (517-PS) M3 Touring is scheduled for November. The vehicle isn’t available in the U.S. However, keep your hopes up – the upcoming 2024 M5 Touring could be the one Americans will get their hands on.

Lastly, our 2023 BMW M3 Touring Competition with M xDrive ended up with a price of £96,005 ($107,045). The whole configuration is attached down below.

We’ll let you decide if it is worth it or not. But we’ll say this – heck, it looks good! In a world where SUVs seem to rule, having such a cool wagon available feels more like a divine gift than just another offer from a carmaker.

Editor's note: Prices were correct at the time of writing.

 Download: autoevolution's 2023 M3 Touring Competition (PDF)


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