2023 BMW M2 Convertible Seems Like a Futile Virtual Exercise, But Here It Is Anyway

When it first appeared in 2015, many dubbed the F87 generation of the BMW M2 high-performance sport compact coupe as the spiritual successor of the fabled BMW E30 M3 Coupe.
2023 BMW M2 Convertible rendering by 8 photos
2023 BMW M2 Convertible rendering by j.b.cars2023 BMW M2 Convertible rendering by j.b.cars2023 BMW M2 Shooting Brake rendering by j.b.cars2023 BMW M2 Shooting Brake rendering by j.b.cars2023 BMW M2 rendering by j.b.cars2023 BMW M2 rendering by j.b.cars2023 BMW M2 rendering by
It was lighter and nimbler than the contemporary M3 and M4 developments, so it was naturally envisioned as a modern counterpart of the simpler, late 1980s M3 Coupe times. Today, though, with the second-generation G87 officially on final approach, that comparison might not be valid anymore.

This is simply because BMW chose to aggressively depart from those simpler times with an exceedingly angular design. But does anyone think it will make it any less enticing? Well, at least as far as aftermarket outlets (such as Manhart, for example) or virtual automotive artists are concerned, not at all. The latter even churn out futile digital exercises, probably only to have another reason to fiddle with the M2, at least one more time.

Such might be the case with the virtual artist better known as on social media, who now takes his fourth quick CGI swing at the angular goodies brought by the 2023 BMW M2 hoot. First, there was a front POV to change the squared fascia into something that would potentially bring a smile to everyone’s face, including M2’s. The second was a quick comparison reel to check out the F87 and G87 goodies side-by-side. Third came along an M2 Shooting Brake that felt like a digital Swiss army knife of sports compacts.

Now, possibly a final virtual interpretation asks if a BMW M2 Convertible even makes sense anymore. Well, frankly, just for the sake of two cramped rear seats only good for kids under ten, probably not. Besides, there is already a Z4 with a soft top, and the sports car segment is shrinking even as we contemplate this hypothetical drop-top. So, yes, it looks cool – but it is also 99% never going to happen!


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