2023 Aston Martin V12 Vantage: The Majestic End of an Era for the Iconic British Brand

If you're fortunate enough to encounter one of the 333 examples of the new Aston Martin V12 Vantage sports car, you'll probably remember it for many days to come. Not the least because it's essentially the last of an era for the brand. The last of the psycho gentleman's grand tourers with colossal, roaring engines.
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That's right, folks. In all likelihood, this new V12 Vantage will be the last time a Vantage will be fitted with the iconic 5.2-liter V12, before getting replaced by an all-electric model by 2025. But let's not treat it like some kind of wake or funeral. Let's give you the rundown on what makes this last V12 Aston so darn special.

Well, for one thing, you can't even buy a 2023 V12 Vantage anymore. All of the 333 units available have already been sold out. It is pre-ordered by wealthy automotive connoisseurs who will undoubtedly keep them garaged and out of the elements as it sits inside, accruing value. That's a sad thing for all of us because it means we'll never get to experience the savagery of its 690 horsepower twin-turbocharged 12-pot.

700 ps (690 hp) and 753 Nm of torque (555 lb-ft) are the figures the V12 Vantage has to deal with. Zero to 60 mph (97 kph) is dealt with in a measly 3.4 seconds in the new V12 Vantage, according to Aston Martin's data. The British manufacturer also claims its various pieces of Aero account for 450 pounds of downforce while accelerating all the way to 200 miles per hour (322 kph). All this power is fed through a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission and through to a mechanical Limited-Slip Differential mounted in the rear of the car for more even weight distribution.

Carbon ceramic brakes on this Aston Martin ensure the car can stop safely, even as the temperature of the rotors exceeds 800 degrees Celsius. These rotors will be covered by a choice of two different 21-inch alloy wheels offered in satin black or satin black diamond-turned. Alternatively, there's the lightweight option available in Satin Black, a choice that saves 8 kg (17.6 pounds) overall on the weight of the car.

Being an Aston Martin, the interior is bound to be just as nice as the exterior. With hand-stitched full semi-aniline leather featuring a "Wings" quilt and perforation pattern coming as standard equipment in the 2023 V12 Vantage, along with all the luxury goodies a modern GT car can't do without. Expect production of the very last V12 Vantage to begin in the first quarter of 2022 (i.e., any day now), with deliveries to kick off in the following quarter.

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